Mountain Gaiters

$15.00 / Trip

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This mountain gaiter keeps the debris, moisture, and dust out from getting into your hiking boots. It is an extremely useful hiking tool to protect both your boot and feet and keep them clean throughout the tour. The large size is intended for use with bigger boots. The K-Way brand ensures quality and comfort.

  • Keeps your boot clean-The protective layers doesn’t allow dust, water, pebbles to get in.

  • Close fit around ankle and elastic bottom-Easily fits around the ankle and elasticity ensures it adjusts with any boot size.

  • Unisex-Can be used by both male and female.

  • Dust and Water resistant-Provides protection against dust and water spillage.

  • Heavy-duty-Can withstand the harsh treatment of sharp crampons and abrasive terrain.


Style 093415
Gender Unisex
Brands K-Way
Best use Hiking, Technical hiking

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