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Complete Kilimanjaro Gear List for Successful Summiting, Recommended By AT Gears

Kilimanjaro is a free-standing mountain with 7 diverse routes to summit its top. Every year nearly 10,000 people try to summit it but only 90% of people get success, whereas 10% of people lack because of having inappropriate gears. Kilimanjaro Gear plays a vital role in protecting you while hiking. The lowest aged person to climb Kilimanjaro is an 8 years boy whereas the highest is 89 years old lady. Interesting thing is that it proves everyone can summit on it.

But do you want to know what the secret behind their success is?

Yes!!! Their strong preparation and dedication as well as the proper Kilimanjaro Gear. Gears are as compulsory as the training, so for that, you should make a proper Kilimanjaro Gear List. This will help you to tackle the different situations over the Uhuru point.

The list of gears will save you from rain, chilling cold as well as from the UV rays of the sun. The Kilimanjaro Gear included in your packing list will include all the important materials like clothes and camping gears. The best thing about these gears is you don’t have to waste too much money on it as they can be rented after reaching the Kilimanjaro region form AT Gear.

The rented gears are of good quality, highly durable, can be carried out easily as lightweight. Even if you don’t have to wait much for the gears to be delivered to your location.

Here is a list of the essential gears also you can know about their usage:

Kilimanjaro Gear Recommendations

1. Day Pack and Rain Cover

Day Pack and Rain Cover

Kilimanjaro is having an unpredictable climate so it may rain or flow cool air so it’s preferable. Also, admit what kind of organization you want in your pack and whether or not you like to own an integral water bladder or carry a separate bottle. And lastly, don’t forget to bring rain cover to protect your backpack to stay your belongings dry. K-way poncho rucsac rain cover is one factor for you to be soaked from the rain.

2. Water Bottle

Water bottle

Even though your daypack features an inherent water bladder, you will be able to be carrying a separate bottle likewise. It is vital to gain control over altitude, thus you need to arm yourselves with the maximum amount of water to beat hypoxia. Use Kilimanjaro water bottles, as a result, they are just about indestructible and simply clip onto any pack.

3. Sleeping Bag Liner

Sleeping Bag Liner

If you select to bring your own sleeping bag, check that you bring one that will fit with terrible atmospheric conditions. On the other hand, if you select to rent a sleeping bag at the Kilimanjaro region, then check that you rent a bag liner. A liner isn’t solely helpful for hygienically reasons however moreover an additional layer of heat is to be added for the cold nights at high altitude. AT Gear provides a Kilimanjaro sleeping bag liner that’s light-weight, packable, and warm so that you can easily carry it to the top of the mountain peak.

4. Hiking Poles

hiking poles

Are you looking for hiking poles that are durable and lightweight?

Yes!!! As you’ll be carrying them for an extended period of time. So try to find hiking poles that are extendable in case you can adjust them anywhere you want. You may want a different length on your hiking poles depending on how steep the incline is that you’re hiking on. We have these Kilimanjaro hiking poles that are lightweight and adjustable for easy transport.

5. Headlamp

Head Lamp

Hiking nights can also be a sleepless night, as a result, your mood may swing and want to go out for a walk. There is no street light over the height so here you need a headlamp. The Kilimanjaro headlamp can enlighten your way at lonely night and you can wander freely over the summit. AT Gear provides headlamp for rent and these provide extra brightness, waterproof, adjustable, multiple modes and lightweight.

Kilimanjaro Clothing Recommendations

1. Hiking Long Sleeve Shirts

Hiking Long Sleeve Shirts

For better long sleeve shirts that to be worn outside of your base layer, search for pure cotton or artificial materials. Again, these materials can facilitate moderate and vital signs as you progress from hot to cold temperatures and keep odors trapped. These Kilimanjaro clothes can be used for multipurpose like safari, as well as hiking. Long Sleeve shirt can dry quickly, flexible, durable and protect you from UV rays.

2. Three Layer Jacket

Three Layer Jacket

Searching directly for a three-layered jacket, will not put any result. It is so because this is a combination of 3 sets of clothes such as inner, Down jacket and Rain jacket. These three jackets have their specific functions to provide warmness while hiking over 12,000 feet. So none of them can be compromised. Also, they are low weight, made with super-insulating material, easy to use, highly durable and water resistance.

3. Hiking Trousers

Hiking Trousers

Not solely do they keep your legs heat, dry and safe from the weather, however, they’re conjointly nice for summiting Mount Kilimanjaro. We like to recommend these breathable, insulating and flexible hiking pants that double up as trousers and shorts. Kilimanjaro walking trousers are low weight and comfortable to use so they can be easily carried in your backpack.

4. Warmest Gloves

 Warmest Gloves

We will recommend you to wear interior gloves before putting on the warmest gloves. These gloves are waterproof so your hands will always remain dry. Kilimanjaro warmest gloves are divided into 2 parts one for the thumb and other for the rest four fingers. These Kilimanjaro Gears provide heat insulations and easily breathable, water-resistant, excellent grip and can be used for heavy-duty.

Kilimanjaro Camping Recommendations

1. Sleeping Tent

Sleeping Tent

One of the most important Kilimanjaro camping gears is the sleeping tent as they protect you from the exterior climatic condition resulting in the peaceful night. The best part about the sleeping tent is, it can be occupied by more than one person. Features of the sleeping tent:

  • They are water-resistant.
  • Very strong and durable t0 tolerate any weather of Kilimanjaro.
  • It can automatically Pop-up.

Ultra weight so can be easily carried out by the porters.

2. K-Way Sleeping Bag

K-Way Sleeping Bag

If you want to sleep comfortably over the roof of Africa where the temperature swings more faster than your mood than K-way sleeping bag is the best Kilimanjaro Gears. There are various other usages of these sleeping bags so it can be beneficial in other parts. These bags are portable and can be easily carried to a higher region. The K-Way sleeping bag is made up of super insulation material, water-resistant, as well as provided with Cowl.

3. Toilet Tent

Toilet Tent

There are public toilets at different camping sites of Mount Kilimanjaro but at every point, it’s not available. Even if there can be situations like heavy rain during the night which is no suitable to reach the public toilet of the area. So to omit all these problems you can use our Kilimanjaro toilet tent. They maintain privacy as well as can be set at any point easily foldable and set up lightweight, and strong enough to survive on heavy weather.

These Kilimanjaro Gear can be easily used during the toughest point and they will work as a friend to you. Purchasing them from the local or global market needs a huge investment so it’s better to rent it at an affordable price. We also have a variety of things according to the age and height so that the Kilimanjaro Gear can easily fit with your comfort.

AT Gear is an online gear provider company, and you can rent any gear from us easily visiting our websites. We never compromise with the quality of the product because we know how important is your journey. If by chance you get any default gear than you can also change them immediately so that you can continue trekking. Make your trekking easy by renting gear from us @

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