Life-saver equipment in case of emergency, this oxygen cylinder is mandatory to be carried. It is used to recover trekkers who’re suffering from altitude sickness, breathlessness, suffocation, fatigue etc. The cylinder when used with mask increases oxygen levels in the body and normalizes brain and body function.

  • Portable-The cylinder is designed to be easily carried along with for trekking tours.
  • Pure Oxygen–Contains more than 95% v/v oxygen, rest is pure air.
  • Lightweight-Weighing less than 3 Kg depending upon volume and air content, it doesn’t put too much burden on mountain trekkers.
  • Compact-Easily fits into the backpack.
  • Fits With Ergonomically Built-In Mask-Easy to use direction. Just connect with the mask take short bursts.

Note: It comes with 5 L, 6L, and 10L variants. Consult with your tour operator.