Kilimanjaro Pillow

$10.00 / Trip

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Category: Camping Gear


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Redefine the meaning of good night sleep in Kilimanjaro with this comforting fluffy pillow. After a tiring day’s trek, place your head and neck in this pillow and experience the ultra level of comfort. Minimally priced, it doesn’t burn your pocket either.

  • Soft fabric-It is made from cotton and microfiber material which imparts extra softness and smoothness.

  • Durable-Strong lining and stitches ensure durability.

  • Travel-Friendly-Compact and Easy to handle. Weighing between 500-600 grams, it is easy to carry around and travel with.

  • Clean and hygienic-All the pillows and other clothing provided by AT Gears are washed properly before handing over to clients.

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