Empty Gas Cylinder (14 Kg)

$15.00 / Trip

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This bigger gas cylinder is intended for group tours with 10, 15 or more members. In the absence of fire and electric heaters, this gas cylinder will come at your rescue for heating, reheating your food and drinks up in Kilimanjaro. Safe and moderately heavy, it is easy to carry around.

  • Ideal for group tours–Large volume ensures that the cylinder lasts longer and will serve requests of each group member.

  • Provided with Cooktop–No additional stove required as it is provided with cooktop. Just place the utensil and heat.

  • Safe and Secure-Regularly quality tested for leakage, faults, and tears for a safe hiking tour.

  • Portable-Provided with all the necessary features and handle, it can be carried from one place to another with ease.

NOTE: As the gas cylinder leased is empty, customers have to fill it with gas. Extra cost for filled cylinders.

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