Keep your favourite drinks chilled as you ascend up Kilimanjaro. Lightweight, durable, and fashionable, it is perfect tool for camping, hiking, and in safari drives.

  • Longer ice retention-The insulation technology provided in the box forms a barrier between the inner and outer environment, thus prevents the ice from melting quickly. Expect chilled drinks for days.
  • Rustproof and leak-resistant–Plastic make and stainless steel prevents rust and leakage.
  • Lightweight-Weighs less than 5 kg depending upon content and volume, thus easy to carry around.
  • Assured durability-The material used for making the box is hard plastic which makes it both light and hard. Handles are provided to carry it easily.
  • Environmental-friendly-Free from the use of harmful chemicals like CFC, HFC, and HCFC which deplete the ozone layer.

NOTE: Color, feature, and price may vary depending upon brand.