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Why Use Hiking Poles For Your Next Kilimanjaro Trekking Trip?

It’s been researched that four-legged animals are much better climbers than humans. Because of 4 numbers of legs, they get more aptitude and strength as well as their body weight alienated into 4 parts so their stamina remains constant. So while hiking using the Hiking Poles will give you the same strength as animals and chances of the success rate increase. Mt. Kilimanjaro also known as the tallest free-standing summit in the world and can be hiked by anyone as it is not a methodological peak. So, possibilities are there, you can hike on it, no need to be a professional climber, just required the potential of mind and soul to climb on it. But are we missing something? If yes, then you would have known that trekking on Kilimanjaro is possible but a bit tougher.

Hiking Poles is one of the most necessary gears for climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro that maximum of you carry in your bag but refuse to use because most of the youth think that using hiking poles while trekking will not show your strength. But your assumption is quite wrong because hiking poles will strengthen your body and will give extra support to your legs so that while hiking you will save energy with less pain. Hiking Kilimanjaro involves climbing to a height of 19,000 feet which will take nearly seven days and every day you will be mountaineering for 4 to 6 hours. Kilimanjaro Hiking Poles can help you to remain stress-free and you will gain 30% lesser pain than the people who are not using the pole.

These are some benefits of hiking poles which you feel while having next Kilimanjaro Trekking:

1. Make Walking Easier

Make Walking Easier

While hiking up hills or down hills all the weight of your body lies on your legs and the maximum stress is faced by the joint of knee and waist which lies to loosing of strength. Using Hiking Poles for hiking will make your work much easier because at the time of mountaineering your body’s strength will be divided into 4 parts, the poles will work as extra two legs of your body. So include the trekking poles while packing Kilimanjaro Hiking Gear and get your chances of getting success to the summit increased.

2. Facilitate River Stream Crossing

Facilitate River Stream Crossing

While crossing the river stream your chances of getting slipped are much higher because the river bodies use to have rocks layer at the bottom and those rocks were covered with mosses and lichens which make the surface slippery. Using Hiking Poles while crossing the river body will be more beneficial because they will give extra support and resist you from the strength of the water flow as well as the slippery stone. The bottom of the hiking poles is quite sharp which can ping on the ground and you can easily pass the waterbed.  

3. Knee Saver

Knee Saver

When you are hiking Kilimanjaro continually for 4 to 6 hours then most of you face a severe pain on knees because on every step of trekking your body force stress your knees. It’s being scientifically researched and proved that using hiking poles gives 30% much healthier liberation from knee pain while hiking or walking. It works as a technical knee saver as well as you save much strength of your body, using Hiking Poles also separate your weight so the poles also sustain half of your body making you feel better.

4. Aid Walking When Injured

Aid Walking When Injured

Kilimanjaro is known as the walking mountain so your whole journey of trekking to the top and back to the bottom you will walk. If in case you get injured from anything while hiking then you can use the Hiking poles to walk as it can help you to put less pressure and stress on legs and your upper body will also do the movement with your lower body. Hiking Poles works as a first aid to you and become your friend while hiking. It is the best Kilimanjaro Hiking Gear that can help you with all your needs.

5. Convenient For Canyon Hikes

Convenient For Canyon Hikes

When you are trekking over the great Uhuru then there is a chance that you will be facing many canyon surfaces covered with slipperier rocks and muddy paths so there are chances that you can fall from the great height. You can use the Hiking Poles to climb on these surfaces perfectly without getting any problem and you can have safe hiking. Your Kilimanjaro Hiking Gears can be your life saver while climbing.

6. Use in Camp

Use in Camp

While setting a camp you need a camping cloth and a stick so if you can’t find a stick around you then you can also use the Hiking Poles. Kilimanjaro Hiking Poles are strong enough to support your tent as well as the poles are having a sharper bottom part which can be easily immersed into the land and can give strength to your camp. So if you are carrying Hiking Poles while trekking then it will be a boon to you.

7. Use In The Rain

Use In The Rain

When it is raining then the trekking route becomes wet, slippery and muddy making it tough for the climbers to climb on it. As well as there are chances that water will flow from the route so it becomes quite problematic to detect what is in front of us, so Hiking Poles can be used to detect the route and maintain your balance while walking. You can even if trek safely even when it’s raining and can complete your journey on time. 

8. Use on Unstable Terrain

Use on Unstable Terrain

Kilimanjaro hiking is possible but all the routes to the top are not that easy. Some of the terrains of Uhuru are full of stones whereas others are there where you can find lots of snow covering the ways. Walking on these unstable terrains can be injurious that’s why to prevent the danger you can use the Hiking Poles to climb on the top of the mountain.

There are 6 routes which can be used by you to climb on top of Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro. All the routes are different from each other as well as having some challenges which can be resolved by Kilimanjaro Hiking Gear. Hiking Poles can be used by you to fix many of your own needy and body problems. We AT Gear is the best and experienced online renting a store for Kilimanjaro Hiking Gear and you can get all the gears at an affordable rental price from us. We are also having the collection of Best Kilimanjaro Hiking Poles which can protect you and will help you in every situation of hiking. If you want to get more details about us then click on this link @ atgeartz.com.

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