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Why Rent Or Hire Kilimanjaro Gears From AT Gear?

Mt. Kilimanjaro is the topmost summit of the African continent as well as the best-hiking mountain of Tanzania also known by another popular name the walking mountain. The Uhuru is being hiked by more than 30 thousand people every year but only 35% of them reach success. What about the rest 65%, why they meet the face of failure? The reason is either a health issue or lacking proper hiking clothes. Do you know hiking gears are one of the supreme reasons that keep 50% of the hikers back of their dream of Uhuru Hiking?   

Now to solve these problems of Kilimanjaro Gears can be solved. You can rent all the better quality materials for hiking online and get it delivered to your location in Tanzania. You can have these materials at an affordable price and a fixed price, so why to buy the things for single time usage. Some other features that can make renting beneficial like you don’t have to do maintenance of the gears, you will be having full access to the material as well as you will save money and time. AT Gear is the only online store that can provide you the best gears at an affordable price.

1. AT Gear: The Only Online Rental Hiking Gear Provider in Tanzania

AT Gear: The Only Online Rental Hiking Gear Provider in Tanzania

Hiking gears for climbing Kilimanjaro are the biggest problem some of you either pay a lot to buy these materials others are there who forgets to bring all the things. Many people even think that buying cheaper quality clothes will help them but they fail. It’s quite hard to purchase the best quality things, so AT Gear planned to provide all your necessary things at rent at some affordable price. AT Gear is also the best online service provider for renting the Kilimanjaro Gears and you will get it delivered to your doorstep at Tanzania.

2. Gears Are Too Less In Weight.

Gears Are Too Less In Weight

All the hiking gears that are available online from AT Gear are of the K Way brand. K Way is one of the best brands making better quality hiking gears. They use high-quality fabrics that are of less weight for the construction of Kilimanjaro Gears. Superior the quality of the material, the more light it will be. The lesser weight of the hiking gears can help you to climb in a better way as well as you will feel comfortable.

3. Features, What AT Gear Provides?

AT Gear is one of the best service providers for online Kilimanjaro Hiking Gear in Tanzania. They are having a huge collection of all the things required for Mountain Hiking as well as all the various sizes are available in their store.

Features, What AT Gear Provides
  • Suspension Systems
  • They always provide 24/7 service, so you can order your material even if in the middle of the night.
  • Things will be delivered to you within a few hours of ordering.
  • All the various sizes are available so you will easily get your perfect size.
  • You can easily exchange the faulty things.  

4. Every Size Of Kilimanjaro Gears Are Available

Every Size Of Kilimanjaro Gears Are Available

Maybe you are curious about your accurate size gears will be available on AT Gear? If yes, then don’t worry. AT Gear is having a large collection of all the material. We are having gears sizing from the size of 15 years old to an elder of 60 years. Every flexible size is available to let your size be small or tall, thin or fat all your perfect gear size is available here.

5. Every Kilimanjaro Gears Are Made Up Of Good Materials

Every Kilimanjaro Gears Are Made Up Of Good Materials

The Kilimanjaro gears available on AT Gear site are of the K Way brand and K Way is one of the best brands of hiking gears in Africa.  The hiking gears of K Way are made up of good quality materials like high-quality fabrics, and interior covering as well as better waterproofing texture. Improvised techniques were used to build the gears even if they were tested properly before handing it to the customer.

6. Durability Is So Good

Durability Is So Good

The high-quality materials provided were waterproofed so that while hiking water will not make the shoes damp. Multiple layering of clothes of best-quality fabrics was given to resist the outer temperature. The durability is too high and if maintained properly they can be used for a long period. AT Gear is providing all the essential Kilimanjaro Gears of K Way which are having premium durability.

7. Kilimanjaro Gears Are Available In Affordable Price

Kilimanjaro Gears Are Available In Affordable Price

The maximum of the gears available on AT Gear for rent is from $5 to $50 whereas the items which you will purchase from the market can be several times the rental price. There are many items of different sizes which you can get on rent and all the things are of different sizes are of the same price. So here you are getting a chance to save a huge amount of money as well as can have a better experience and successful Kilimanjaro hiking. Prices of some of the material available on AT Gear are K Way duffel bag of $35, trousers $10, Cooler Box $5, and Thermal Top at $10. The highest price is of an Oxygen Cylinder that is $100.

Kilimanjaro Gears are too costly in the market so you can rent the gear online and step on Mount Kilimanjaro. Renting hiking gears can help you to save a lot as you can choose or change the things you don’t like. You don’t have to pre-plan from your home that, what you should carry or how to carry the heavy luggage for hiking? So here you also save the time of packing as well as the money of extra weight, even if you have to pay very less for renting in comparison of buying and carrying.

We AT Gear is one of the best online stores providing the best quality renting material at a very cheaper price. You can hire every hiking gear for as long as you need as well as we will deliver to your address. If the total price of the gear is equal or greater than $50 then you don’t have to pay any rent in Arusha and Moshi location. If you want to check the details of the price and hiking gears than you can visit our website @

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