Water Bottles

Water Bottles & Hydration Systems: An Definitive Way To Hydrate Your Body

Water Bottles are one of the most important Kilimanjaro hike accessories which you should not forget to carry even if your porter will carry water for your drinking. Water is an essential factor in your Kilimanjaro hike as it helps in acclimatizes.

Drinking of plenty of fluids both while hiking and at camp helps your body acclimate to the elevation increase much easier. However, if you’re dehydrated, it causes your body to work harder which makes it more difficult to adapt to the altitude. Therefore it is recommended to drink frequently as you hike to the summit of Kilimanjaro.

Below we have mentioned the about Water Bottle and hydration system.

1. Water Bottles & Its Usefulness

A good water bottle is a must for your Kilimanjaro hike. As it helps to stay well hydrated and starve off the symptoms of altitude sickness. It is endorsed to drink between 2- 3 litres of water each day during your climb to help you acclimatize.

Water Bottles & Its Usefulness

Personal Water Bottles allows you to drink whenever you feel any discomfort. You can also mix your favourite flavour electrolyte to your bottle and relish it if you’re too bored to drink the only water.

2. Types Of Water Bottles

There mainly two types of Water Bottles: Water bottle and Water Hydration Pack or Hydration bladder.

Types Of Water Bottles

Water bottles can be of plastic or stainless steel. While hydration pack is more of a backpack which allows the trekkers to drink water without using their hands.

3. Water Bottle Cover

Water Bottle Cover like a pouch for your water bottle provides a layer of protection against any damage such as dent, scratch, and bump during your hike. It is very useful as it easy to carry as it is leak-proof and durable. It can withstand tear and accidental fall during your hike. 

4. Water Hydration System

Water Hydration System

The water hydration system is the most effective way of keeping hydrated on the hike without having to stop to take your backpack off to get water out. However, it has some drawbacks also. The main drawback is that you cannot effectively monitor the amount of water you consume during your hike. It is not durable and can leak also. And the hose of the hydration system sometimes freezes. 

5. Camelbak Hydration Pack

Camelbak Hydration Pack

This water hydration system is from Camelbak which more resilient to the harsh environment of Kilimanjaro. It can be carried as a backpack or put it in the rucksacks rucksack as it allows the hikers and trekkers to sip water without having to use their hands. Camelbak Hydration Pack has a two-layer cargo design which is suitable for heavy carrying. It is designed to withstand any accidental fall or tears amid your trek. It has abrasive resistant and frost resistant that makes it safe to drink water from the pack during your hike. 

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