Kilimanjaro Sleeping Tent

Want Warm Four Season Bag at the Top of Kilimanjaro – Sleeping Bag Is a Best Choice

When it comes to Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, one of the first questions people normally ask is, “How cold does it get?”

Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest peak of Africa with an altitude of 16,500 ft or 5000 m, without the warmth feeling can make you feel uncomfortable and frustrated full night. Whether you are going in wet season or dry season, taking Kilimanjaro Sleeping Bag with you is must.

Choosing a right bag to keep your body warm for the whole freezing night should be your first priority. For a successful summit at Uhuru peak, a better sleeping is an important factor. Choosing a wrong bag may ruin your long term planning and training for the trekking. Among the entire ecological zones, the alpine desert zone actually matters as this zone has an altitude of 15000 ft to 16,000 ft. The trekkers spend the night on the alpine desert zone.

Recommend Getting A Sleeping Bag with a Temperature Rating of 0F or Warmer (-20F)

The modern EN/ISO temperature ratings also confuses if you compare on the basis of weights, materials and price. According to EN/ISO, Comfort zone range temperature is 30F where the range is 0 C, which means a standard woman or girl feels comfortable as they have habit to sleep in cold temperature than a men.

The below level performance is Transition range temperature is 20F where the limit range is -6C, that means a man can feel comfort or seems to struggling with the cold but not shivering.

In the level of Extreme range, the temperature is -12F where the range is -24C. That means the man will survive only.

Most important factor is a Sleeping Bag retains the heat or warm that generated from the body of a person. So, we recommend to use warmer bags as the body temperature varies on the basis of cloths, partially opened, fully closed.

Down Bags Are Lighter, Warmer And More Compressible

Renting or purchasing goose or down bags as Kilimanjaro Sleeping Bags because these are lighter and more compressible is not the actual fact.

Let the porter take care of your bag but in Kilimanjaro the surface is wet also. The down bag takes a lot of time and loses the warmth, where it has no action to absorb the moisture from your body while sleeping. But the synthetic bags have a quality of absorption technique and can be easily dry up after wet. With made of polyester fibres, has two technologies. These are: Short-staple fills (for flexible, soft, and compressible) and Continuous-filament (for durability).

Sleeping Bags Warmth Efficiency Comes At A Price Premium

K-Way Sleeping Bag is strong, durable and also comes at a less price. The K-Way brand offers you super insulation fabric to keep the inner temperature warm. It is not only portable but also protects against water spillage and leakage. It also keeps your head and neck warm.

Whether It’s A Down Or Synthetic Sleeping Bag To Choose?

If you are choosing the down bag for its light weight and compressibility as your Kilimanjaro Sleeping Bag, then take the down bag in rent. We are recommending you to use synthetic bag on trekking because of its fabric insulation technique you whether you are purchasing or renting Sleeping Bags.

Don’t use the cotton bag as sleeping bag because it is worthless in alpine desert zone.

So Which Sleeping Bags Do We Like The Most?

As per shape we will recommend you to use Mummy-shaped synthetic sleeping bag. Because our body generates heat on its own and the sleeping bag only retains the heat inside of the bag.

Using rectangular-shaped sleeping bags may give you freedom but the extra space need more heat or warm that is generates from your body.

In Kilimanjaro the cold becomes bitter, so we are suggesting you to use the sleeping bags those have high-loft synthetic insulation.

AT Gear recommend you to buy K Way Sleeping Bag, as because of it has advanced micro-advanced insulation technology that can keep you warm and give a better sleep at an altitude of 15000 to 16000 feet. The DWR coating of the fabric on the outside of it helps to resist the moisture from the main material.

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