Kilimanjaro Hiking And Camping Gear

Top Ten Hiking & Camping Gears For Making Your Tour More Adventurous

The most vital part of hiking and camping is a full-fledged preparation for every eventuality and when it comes to prepping for a mountain climb, it’s necessary to be prepared for whatever the Mother Nature has on offer. The temperature and weather conditions change from a place to another.

These are some questions that can come in every climber’s thought before making a climb up to the Kilimanjaro summit. Thus, we have prepared ten Kilimanjaro Camping Gear essentials, which will take care of every hassle that will obstruct you during the trip. Hence below, there is a list of gear that can help you a lot.    

Take a look at the classic list and the updated systematic approach and use it to prepare for your next adventure.

1.    Navigation (Map & Compass)

In order to make a climb, the foremost essential thing in the Kilimanjaro Gear List is none other than a topographic map of the entire region.

Compass for navigation by pinpointing your location in case you are disoriented while climbing.


Furthermore, in order to safely land navigate, you need an altimeter to follow the curved lines. The use of an electronic GPS system can be an added advantage further and apps are great tools also.          

2.    Sun Protection (Sunglasses & Sunscreen)

Next in line is none other than protecting yourself from the burning sun. Hence bring in your Sunglasses or glacier glasses to protect your sensitive eyes.


Additionally, a ball cap will help protect your face & eyes. Apart from that, also bring in sunscreen to keep all other exposed body parts covered from sunburn.

Furthermore, there are numerous clothes that are light-weight in nature & can easily provide UV production.

3.    Insulation (Extra Clothing)

When climbing up at the mountain, weather conditions change very quickly at the mountain & hyperthermia sets in very quickly, hence insulating Kilimanjaro Clothes will help you in staying warm in such a situation. 


Besides that, also make sure to check the weather forecast & understand the trending patterns. Furthermore, also bring in some extra layers to stay warm when the weather cools.     

4.    Illumination (Headlamp/Flashlight)

It is almost impossible & dangerous to navigate in the dark and also very easy to get lost without a proper Headlamp. Hence, this wearable light allows your hands to remain fully functional and provides the essential light required to see the pathway.


It will be better to bring in extra batteries in order to avoid a blackout midway that can be dangerous. If possible, please also bring in flashlights & lanterns which are useful around the camp.   

5.    First-Aid Supplies

 It is one of the essential ingredients of the Camping Gear that will help a lot of climbers while scaling the mountains. Whatever route you may choose, there are numerous steps on the way that will make sure you get wounded while climbing up.

First-Aid Supplies

Hence various numerous first aid supplies will ensure that you stay safe while climbing the mountain. A first-aid pack will include medications such as antiseptic cream, plasters, bandages, elastic knee supports, anti-malarial tablets & injections as well as Aspirin & Paracetamol.         

6.    Fire (Waterproof Matches/Lighter/Candle)

If you can carry anything extra, then please try to carry waterproof matches, lighter as well as candles in order to warm up your place of rest during the climb. You can also light up a candle inside the tent if you want to have some extra heat to warm up your body.


Also, carry cotton balls that are soaked in petroleum jelly, which can be ignited in all environments & can burn for good amount of time hence giving you as much light you want while camping at the mountains.   

7.    Repair Kit And Tools

Numerous incidents happen whether they are good, bad or worse. When it comes to Kilimanjaro Gear during the climb, the same can be said about it. While climbing accidents are going to happen & things are going to break anyway. 

Repair Kit And Tools

Hence in order to fix all that, you must have a repair kit or a toolbox. A knife or a multi-tool is priceless when it is called on for repairing any part of the gear. Besides that, you can also carry duct tape as an extra precaution.  

8.    Nutrition (Extra Food)

Just pack more than you expect to eat because it is not like an ordinary picnic where you can check how much is enough & how much is not.


While making the trip, you must have to take some extra food because while climbing up to the summit of Kilimanjaro Mountain, you will need extra food to feed your body with calories to get some extra energy.  

9.    Hydration (Extra Water)

Pack as much water as possible while making the climb. It is because while climbing up the water drains from the body and in order to stay hydrated climber has to drink water throughout the climb.  

Camelbak Hydration Pack

Hence, Camelbak Hydration Pack will be better to have your own water filtration system or chemical treatment system to make sure that the water you are bringing is safe to drink. 

10.   Emergency Shelter (Tent/Plastic Tube Tent/Garbage Bag)

Climbing & scaling the mountain is good, but sometimes the elements can be relentless & fatal. So it will be better to protect your tour group from rain, wind, snow & sun.

Emergency Shelter

Furthermore, an emergency shelter such as making a makeshift tent, a plastic tube tent is going to be the most vital asset in your survival.

At last, it can be said that each and every part of your Camping Gear is essential for you and many others in achieving success as well as surviving during the climb. Any mistake or any missing gear can make a lot of difference so don’t forget that & best of luck for your climb. Please visit us @ to know more about the gears or booking them in advance, if you are interested.

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