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Top Most Kilimanjaro Gear To Choose While Summiting Kilimanjaro

  • Interested in climbing Kilimanjaro Mountain?
  • But worried about how to survive in the cold?
  • What equipment’s and clothing to carry?

Mount Kilimanjaro is a test of endurance, with unpredictable weather conditions.  You need to be prepared, and this means you need to have functional gear with you on the mountain.  Functional gear determines how warm, dry, and safe you will be.  Clothing impacts are not only your comfort but also your safety. So the clothing which you carry should be functional and lightweight.

We at AT Gears rent you gears that make your summiting journey easy for you. As on your Kilimanjaro trail, you would be going through four climatic zones like warm and tropical at the base of Kili and freezing on the summit. So to ensure that you remain comfortable in each zone, we have designed special Kilimanjaro Gear for you which would be perfect for you.

Taking Care Of Your Feet

Taking Care Of Your Feet
  • You should remember that your feet are what get you to the top of Kilimanjaro and back so make sure to take utmost care of them.
  • There are three important dimensions to a perfect boot that is Fit, Quality and Use. You also need good quality socks that are suitable for trekking.
  • You also need thermal socks for your summiting day because it would be freezing there. A good quality Gaiters is necessary to protect your feet from sand, grit, pebbles, and stones.

Layers You Require For Your Summit

There some basic layers which require protecting during Kili trail.

  • Base Layer

A base layer is a moisture-wicking item that is worn against your skin. By moving sweat away from your body the base layer provides you insulation and keeps you dry. The thickness best suitable is lightweight. Try your base layer before your trail to make sure they are comfortable as you would be wearing them throughout your journey.

  • Mid Layer

The main purpose of the primary layer is to provide warmth. So good insulation quality clothes are preferred. Wool or synthetic materials can be used as a mid layer.

  • Outer Layer

This layer is specifically designed to protect you from natural calamities like rain, wind, snow. Like waterproof material should be used by you as your Mount Kilimanjaro Clothing during your trail.

Climbing Essentials & Accessories

Climbing Essentials & Accessories

There are various items required during your Kili trail that are very important for you like all the layers listed above, shoes, gaiters, toiletries, food items, water bottles, and first aid kit and many more.

A Few of Our Tips on Gear

  • Cotton Clothing Must Be Avoided Because It Dries Very Slowly And Is A Poor Insulator When Wet.
Cotton Clothing Must Be Avoided

Cotton is not a good material to be used during your Kili trail as it doesn’t have any moisture wicking properties and doesn’t dry quickly. It also not has good insulation properties.

  • Take Enough Wet Wipes
Take Enough Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are also very essential to keep you fresh. As it would be sweaty and smelly for you in the 2nd day itself. So it feels fresh and clean.

  • Hiking With Walking Sticks Is Very Important As It Reduce Up To 20% Stress On Your Knees
Hiking With Walking Sticks

Walking sticks or Trekking poles are also very important as it reduces the strain on your feet and knee. It also provides a good balance on trails. It should be on your Kilimanjaro Gear List.

  • Make Sure Your Hiking Boots Are Comfortable And Walked-In Before You Start Your Climb
Comfortable Hiking Boots

The Hiking Boots which you buy should be of good fit and quality and should be used by you before your Kili trail. You should use the boot to take short trekking of 4-5 hours to make sure that you are comfortable in them.

  • Always Have Your Rain Gear In Your Day Pack
Always Have Your Rain Gear In Your Day Pack

Your rain gear is one of the most important parts of your Kilimanjaro Gear as you don’t know when it would rain so always be prepared and stay away from getting wet as it would be difficult for you to walk further when wet.

  • Make Sure Your Gear Bag Is Waterproof Or Pack Your Gear In A Plastic Bag
Pack Your Gear In A Plastic Bag

Always ensure that all your Kilimanjaro Gear shall be in a waterproof or plastic bag to protect them from getting wet. As these are the most essential for a successful summit.

  • Always Have Your Headlamp With You

A headlamp is the best torch used for night time hiking as these don’t use your hands and stuck on your head. You should look for headlamps that have bright light and good battery life to sustain you throughout your summit. So don’t forget the headlamp in your Kilimanjaro Climb Gear List.

So these are the important Kilimanjaro Clothing and Kilimanjaro Gear required by you for a successful summit to the Kili trail. You would find all these at AT Gears so book your gears with us for your next Kili trail. For any more information, you can check out our site

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