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Top Eight Hiking & Camping Kilimanjaro Gears For Making Your Trek More Adventurous

Summiting Kilimanjaro is on the dream list of many adventure seekers. Many try their luck to summit Kilimanjaro as it is the only seven summit of the world that does not require any demanding mountaineering skill. Anybody who is physically fit can achieve the “Roof Of Africa”. Even though Kili doesn’t require any technical skill, still there are a few things that one needs to take care of while summiting Africa’s highest peak.

One of the important factors that affect your Kilimanjaro trek is the type and quality of Kilimanjaro Gears you use for your trail. So, be sure of using the best gears for your trek. If you are having any doubt regarding Kilimanjaro Gears, then we AT Gears are there to help you with your hiking and camping gears.

Listed below are the top 8 hiking & camping gears for making your trek more adventurous:

1. Navigation (Map & Compass)

Navigation (Map & Compass)

Even though you Kilimanjaro guides will be guiding you through the trek, still it is always recommended to keep a hard copy of the map of your trekking route and a compass with you. So, that you can find for yourself the direction you’re heading and also know the important spots.

2. Sun Protection (Sunglasses & Sunscreen)

Sun Protection (Sunglasses & Sunscreen)

Don’t forget to pack a good sunscreen and Sunglasses with you during your Kilimanjaro trek because during the trek you will come directly with UV rays and direct harsh sun rays which might cause sunburns. So, it best to protect yourself than to be sorry afterwards.

3. Insulation (Extra Clothing)

Insulation (Extra Clothing)

Insulation is an important part of your Kilimanjaro Hiking Gear, mainly because of Kilimanjaro weather experience five different ecological conditions. You might experience extremely hot temperatures to freezing cold temperature. You might also come across rainfall on the mountain. So, to go through the different climate you should be equipped with extra clothing so, that you can change or layer it according to the weather condition on the mountain. So that choose the perfect Kilimanjaro Clothes is important for successful Kilimanjaro climbing.

4. Illumination (Headlamp/Flashlight)

Illumination (Headlamp/Flashlight)

Illumination is needed on-mountain during the night while you are camping and mainly during the summit night when you start the trek at midnight. The Headlamps and flashlights will prove to be a lifesaver as you trek to the Uhuru peak at night guiding you through the path.

5. First-Aid Supplies

Last but not least, you must carry a basic medical kit in your Kilimanjaro Gear with you so that it can come handy in minor health issues. You never know when small medical first-aid kits may help you or a fellow hiker or trekker with minor issues such as burns, cuts or bruises during your trek.

6. Nutrition (Extra Food)

Nutrition (Extra Food)

When you are hiking or trekking, you lose energy a lot quicker than you envision. Munching a couple of things from time to time will keep your energy level ideal. You can bring a few things, for example, a pack of trail blend, some dry natural products or nuts, few chocolates like Snickers or you can convey some energy bars as well. The benefit of carrying these crunching items is that they take less space and simpler to carry than a lot of real food without stress over spillage.

7. Hydration (Extra Water)

Hydration (Extra Water)

Hydration is very much essential during your trek and also helps in the prevention of altitude sickness. So, therefore you must drink as much water as possible during your Kilimanjaro trek. You should carry a Water Bottle with you even if the porters carry water for you.

8. Get Some Support (Hiking Pole)

Get Some Support (Hiking Pole)

Take a Hiking Pole is very helpful and useful during your Kilimanjaro trekking as it gives you security, some solace, and backing to your knees and legs on all sort of landscapes. Always look for hiking poles which are lightweight, movable, and foldable and have some shock absorbent capabilities.

Hope the above-mentioned Kilimanjaro Gears are helpful in your Kilimanjaro trek preparation for a successful summit. However, if you are planning to rent gear or want to know more about Kilimanjaro Gear List then you can visit us for more info.

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