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The Best Down Jackets For Cold-Weather Adventures

Are you gearing up for your Kilimanjaro Climbing Tour? If it is yes then it is really great. So what kind of gear you are getting ready with while preparing for the Kilimanjaro hike, especially regarding the cold weather of the mountain heights? Actually, there are three types of jackets that you can rely on that are also known as Down Jacket, ski-jacket & Fleece jacket. The crucial layer of these jackets keeps the heat of your body core insulated by trapping precious body heat. They are specially designed to keep your body warm during the cold conditions and even during the Kili hike. This is what; winter wear like down Jacket is made for.     

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite down jackets holding an array of features, as follows:-

Down Jacket

It is an essential hiking Down Jacket and it is specially designed to keep its user warm and moreover, it is also resistant to compression. The mock collar design provides protection & warmth to your neck up to your chin. During your trek, you can pair it with your sweatshirts, t-shirts and base layer for ultra comfort & warmth.

Please go through its features that are capable of saving a user from harsh cold conditions,

1.Super Insulator

Down Jacket

It’s is 90/10 duck down filling required for excellent insulation & keeping the inner part warm.

2. Highly Water Resistant

Down Jacket

The outer part of the jacket is made up of Nylon fabric that repeals any type of accidental water spillage & keeps the jacket dry at all times.

3. Extremely Lightweight

Down Jacket

Even though the jacket looks very bulky from the outside, it is incredibly lightweight weighing just 500g or less. 

4.Very Easy To Use

Down Jacket

The single zip fastening system makes it very easy to wear & pack. 

5.Completely Durable

Down Jacket

It is designed for running long even it is used again & again for climbing high up to the summit of Kilimanjaro Mountains.     

Ski Jacket

Ski Jacket 

The hikers going to scale the Kilimanjaro heights cannot imagine making the climb without the protection of Ski Jackets. It is one of the essential items which will keep you warm as well as comfortable even in extreme cold weather conditions of Mount Kilimanjaro. It is also designed in such a way to withstand rough treatment in the mountain. This form of the jacket also comes with a hood to keep the head & neck of the user warm & comfortable.


This jacket is layered with 5000 mm coating with the edging providing protection against water spillage.

2. Breathable

After wearing this coat, it is also very breathable in nature because the micro vents to allow moisture & vapor caused by hiking activity to fly out of the jacket.

3. Super Insulation

A high climbing ski jacket also possesses multiple layers of insulating materials and the primary function is to keep you very comfortable even in the freezing temperatures of Kilimanjaro. 

4. It is Highly Durable

It is a tried & tested with long-lasting quality. It means it works even under extreme & stressful conditions.

5. Zip Fastening System

It has multiple zippers to make it easy to use the multi-purpose pockets for keeping either food packets or just your hands to keep it warm.                        

Fleece Jacket

Fleece Jacket 

This type of jacket is very light-weight with a compact jacket made from synthetic polyester wool known for providing excellent insulation. It is basically made for the unforgiving temperatures of Kilimanjaro. It also keeps you warm without making you sweaty during the hike. The water & dust resistant fabric ensures there is no stain or mark thus making it perfect for hiking activities on Kilimanjaro.


This jacket is made up of dense fleece material that is known for insulating inner & outer atmosphere for keeping yourself warm.

2. Breathable In Nature

It is designed in such a way that it doesn’t block skin pores & let the body breath easily & keeps it dry 24/7.

3. Water Resistant   

When you are hiking on a snow-filled mountain wearing this Fleece Jacket, the polyester fabric inserted or coated inside it protects the user against water & oil.

4. Light-Weight

Like the previous two winter jackets, this Fleece Jacket also weighs less than 300 grams and it can be carried anywhere.

5. Totally Durable

It provides reliable protection against harsh weather & tears.

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