Some Important FAQ’s, Answered By At Gears May Help You To Rent Your Perfect Kilimanjaro Gears

Isn’t it quite difficult to trek up to the highest point of Mt. Kilimanjaro? If yes, then you would know that every year 30,000 people who were hiking to the Uhuru peak. There are many reasons which can be the point behind the unsuccessful people but the most vital point is the Kilimanjaro Gear. Most of you people either don’t buy all the gears because of the higher price else buy some lower quality gears which pull off behind from success.

We AT Gear is one of the locals of Tanzania as well as we are having several years of experience in the hiking field, so we know what should be the quality of hiking gear as well as we provide those gears at a low renting price. We are offering gears at rent because we know that buying all the gears and investing a huge amount of money for them is too difficult. We are having a large collection of Hiking Gear of different sizes and colors so you can order and get your gears anytime.

There are many FAQ’s which would be coming to your mind while renting, which are mentioned below:

1. Order Related FAQs

Order Related FAQs

• Is The Item Available In A Specific Color/Size?

Yes, because we know that peoples having variation in choice so they need different colors and fitting gears for them.  We AT Gear is one of the native companies of Tanzania as well as a professional in the trekking field, so we know that people of various age-group use to climb on Uhuru that’s why we are having a large collection of everything that is required by people.

• Will The Item I Wanted Be Restocked?

Yes, we will restock the Kilimanjaro Climbing Gears according to your needs as fast as possible so that your journey will not be delayed. Maximum of 1 Day time we need to restock the required items and will deliver it to your location.

• If Something Is Not Available, Can You Order It For Me?

Yes, we can order it for you because customer satisfaction is our priority so we restock the items as fast as we can. You will be notified of your corresponding mail id or number when the item is refilled in our store so that you can get it delivered.

• I Need A Customized Quote For A Group Trek. What Do I Do?

Alright, we can send you a customized quote for a group trek. You need to share some details about your group like how many members are in your group, do they need any specific gears, what are the different sizes they need and when do you need the items? After you send us the detail, we will send you a customized quote.

• I Am Having Difficulties With The Order. Where Can I Get Help?

There is a chat box available on the right down corner of our page where our customer support is always there to help you. You can have a query with them or can visit your local AT Gear store to get the things in detail.

• Can I Change Or Cancel My Order?

Yes, you can change or cancel the order but you have to do it before the Kilimanjaro Gear is out to deliver. You can also change the item if you don’t find it in good condition at the time of delivery as well as we will give you a better one as fast as possible.

2. Payment Related FAQs

Payment Related FAQs

•  How Can I Pay?

You can pay it either online while ordering the item or else you will pay it at the time of delivery. Payment can be done in the card as well as cash so you don’t have to worry about money.

• How Can I Speed Up The Delivery Of My Order?

The Kilimanjaro Climbing Gear is being delivered within two to three hours from the time of ordering. If you want it to be delivered it faster than you can mention it while ordering, we will take care of your need.

• Can I Send A Payment Confirmation Of A Prepayment By Mail Or Fax To Get The Delivery Sent To Me Quicker?

Yes, because AT Gear is a reputed company so for every single payment you do, you will get a confirmation of it in your mail. The mail will be consisting of a soft copy of the payment slip of the order that to be delivered.

• Where Can I Find My Invoice?

Your entire invoice will be sent at your registered mail id which you have shared with us while ordering Kilimanjaro Gear. You can also get those invoices at your mobile number if you have mentioned it while ordering.

• What Is The Card Verification Code For Payments By Credit/Debit Card?

Card verification code is the same as the OTP (one-time-password), which you need to give at the time of payment. You will receive a card verification code at your registered mobile number with a bank and it is being done for your safety purpose.

3. Delivery And Shipping Related Faqs

Delivery And Shipping Related Faqs

• When Will My Order Be Dispatched?

Your order will be dispatched after you complete the payment confirmation mode, and the Kilimanjaro Gear will reach to you within the max of 3 hours if you are residing at Arusha.

• In Which Countries You Provide Your Service?

Our services are only available at Tanzania as we are local of this country and we only provide service for hiking over Mount. Kilimanjaro as we are through with it.

• How Much Will The Shipping Costs Be?

If you are Kilimanjaro Climbing Gear rental price is above $50 as well as you should be from Arusha then you will get free delivery. Outside Arusha, you a bit delay in delivery time but the charges will be the same.

4. Complaints Related FAQs

Complaints Related FAQs

• If I Cancel My Order, Can I Refund My Money Back

A refund of money can be only possible if there is a fault in our Kilimanjaro Gear and you don’t want to exchange it. This is the only case in which you can cancel your order and gets your money back.

• From Where My Money Is Refunded?

Your money will be refunded to online in your bank account if you have used a debit card for payment else you can collect it from our delivery boy while returning the item or else you can visit our nearby store to collect your money.

• If Wrong Item I Got, What Can I Do?

If mistakenly you have received a wrong item, you can immediately contact our customer care and register your problem and as fast as possible within an hour, we will replace it with accurate Kilimanjaro Gear.

5. Returns Related FAQs

Returns Related FAQs

• Can I Return Goods If I Don’t Like Them Or They Don’t Fit? What Is The Procedure Of Returns?

Yes it is possible to return the product if you don’t like them or they don’t fit you and in place of that, you will get a new Kilimanjaro Climbing Gear. Visit our website of AT Gear where you can get the chatbox, you can claim to complain of returning over there and we will respond to you within seconds.

• Can I Exchange An Item?

Yup happily you can exchange your Kilimanjaro Gear if you don’t like it and get it replaced by a new one and for that, you don’t have to pay any extra charges. It will be delivered to you within the minimal time possible.

6. Contact With Us Related Faqs

Contact With Us Related Faqs

• I Have A Question Or A Problem. Where Can I Get Immediate Help?

For any problems that you face while renting Kilimanjaro Gear from AT Gear then you can contact us @ +255 (0) 763 586 729 Or +255 (0) 754 007 126. You can chat with our customer care at the chatbox and they will clarify all the doubts. They will also help you to resolve the difficulties if you face any problem while ordering. Our customer care services are open 24/7 for you.

Hope these above Kilimanjaro Gear Rental FAQ‘s will help you with the best information and you can easily connect with us after that, if you have any more question then you can ask it in the comment section. Renting Kilimanjaro Gear is the next easier and better thing that you can do in Tanzania, as well as AT Gear offers all your services at your fingertips so that you can step forward for Kilimanjaro hiking with our support. We also deliver your order at your doorstep so that you don’t have to rush to different shops. We AT Gear has planned this renting service because we know that buying gears for a single time is too expensive and carrying the load of the gear from your country to Tanzania is a bit difficult.

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