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Rent The Warmest Gloves For Kilimanjaro Trekking: Check These Features Before Renting It

While hiking & trekking on a mountain like Kilimanjaro, it is very likely that you will have to face harsh weather conditions like low temperatures, snow showers, rain & wind.

Thus to protect your hands, you must have to pack or wear the Warmest Gloves. Anyway, there are two types of gloves that you must take on for your Kilimanjaro Trek and those are inner & outer gloves.

As far as inner gloves are concerned, they are known for providing next to skin insulation that is quite critical to use them during cold temperatures especially in the upper reaches of the mountain. Whereas, outer gloves are thicker, waterproof & provide the shield needed to prevent the hands from freezing.     

However, if you have not packed warm gloves or you don’t have them, then there is nothing to worry because at AT Gears you can easily rent them for your Kilimanjaro trek.

Below we have discussed in details about the need and essentialities of gloves in your Kilimanjaro Gear.

Warmest Gloves & Its Essentialities

Like your layering for clothes, you should also consider it for Warmest Gloves. It is recommended that you should have an inner glove or a glove liner and an outer glove. The gloves are essential to keep your fingers nimble in the freezing temperature of Kilimanjaro, especially on the summit night.

All our Glove Liners come with a removable liner which helps trekkers to customize according to their size and requirement. The glove liners can be worn alone or used along with Shell gloves.

Features Of Warmest Gloves

These Gloves are specially designed to provide numerous features such as:-

1. Functionality And Comfort

The Glove Liners that you are going to use on Kilimanjaro will allow good functionality. It means the moments of your fingers are in no way restricted. Moreover, the gloves available in our AT Gear online store will never put you at risk due to the restricted moment. Besides that, our gloves are also quite good at providing comfort after wearing them. The inner lining of the glove makes the skin to feel comfortable and such a thing make the owner get extreme pleasure.      

2. Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation is the next best feature that a customer looks for while renting Warmest Gloves for his/her Kilimanjaro trek. You can find our gloves completely perfect while ascending Kilimanjaro in mild temperatures around spring or fall. Thus before renting a glove, please make sure to check if the gloves are providing good thermal lining or not. Also, ensure to get your hands on lightweight oriented gloves.

3. Water And Wind Resistance

There are some other features that you must check for such as the gloves must also possess features such as water & wind resistance. The Glove Liners that we are talking about protects the hands from water spillage & wet hands while drinking water.     

4. Breathability

The Gloves that we rent are made up of Wool and acrylic fabric that provides breathable properties and keep your palms dry. Hence, your hands will not feel wet while wearing them during tough weather conditions.    

5. Layering

The gloves in our Kilimanjaro Gear list have some good quality layering that helps the hand in getting a very good grip even in wet weather and even the leather feels very strong. So if you were to fall or slip during the hike, there will be no chance for your glove getting ripped off due to friction.     

6. Fitting

Lastly, don’t forget to make sure that gloves fit perfectly before you take your trek. And if you are layering make sure that your outer gloves fit over your liners.

Our Warmest Gloves are one of the finest pieces of winter apparel available in AT Gear. Additionally, our gloves are known for their fantastic value for money. For knowing more about our gear for Kilimanjaro, please visit us @ atgeartz.com.  

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