Kilimanjaro Private Toilet Tent

Will It Be Preferable To Have Private Toilet Tent While Kilimanjaro Hiking

Some of my best ideas come from when I’m sitting on the toilet.”Anthony T Hincks

It can be said that in the 21st century nearly 90 out of 100 people use the toilet to maintain privacy and keep nature clean. Why not prefer it while climbing the topmost mountain of Africa Mount Kilimanjaro. Add up this efficient and useful low weight Kilimanjaro Gears to have safe and healthy hiking.

Toilets are pre available on the camping sites of Kilimanjaro but they are publically used by everyone. So if you check for the cleanliness of these toilets then you will feel like vomiting. Better it’s preferable to have your toilet because you cannot ignore nature’s call.

Read out the queries about the toilet to have a better understanding of why to carry it:

What Are Private Toilet Tent

Kilimanjaro Private Toilet Tent

Private Toilet Tent is one of the most exclusive gear that many of them neglect but most useful for maintaining privacy over Kilimanjaro. It will be carried out by your kindhearted porters and they will set it at every stoppage of camping so that you and the group can poo comfortably. The key features of using a private toilet are the privacy and cleanliness as well as you can use it anytime.

How Private Toilet Differ From Public Toilet

Public Toilets are found on every camping site of Mount Kilimanjaro so that trekkers will feel free to poo without any problem. But the key problems of using these toilets are they are not hygienic and clean. Don’t even have privacy as there will be a huge line before it and don’t have a proper door.

Private Toilet Tent

Kilimanjaro Private Toilet Tent is low weight foldable tent material easy to carry to the high over Kilimanjaro by the porters. They can be used with ease and can be set at no time as well as provide cleanliness and privacy throughout the journey.

Benefits Of Using A Private Toilet

Private Toilet Tent is having too many benefits as you can change clothes in it, portable and easy disposal, so here we will describe some of the points:

Maintain Privacy

The most highlighted benefit of a Kilimanjaro private toilet is, it Maintain Privacy at Kilimanjaro. Privacy is one of the biggest factors that bother everyone, so never to compromise with it even if at the highest peak of Africa.

Foldable and compact

The Kilimanjaro private toilet is one of the best Kilimanjaro Camping Gear as well as portable. It can be easily folded into small mass and can be packed inside the backpack. Porter can carry it easily to the top.


This Kilimanjaro Private Toilet Tent is made up of thick tent clothing so if you weigh it, then it comes less than 1 Kg.

Strong and set it up easily

The framework of this Private Toilet Tent is made up of hollow pipes of stainless steel so weighs low and totally strong. So it can be easily carried out. 


As you are using it privately and porters are always maintaining it so the private toilet is much cleaner than a public toilet. Only a group of people uses it so smells better than other toilets.


Kilimanjaro Private Toilet Tent is a convenience to users. If you assume the nights over the top of the mountain then you can think about the difference. The top of the mountain is a bit foggy and if the weather becomes bad then it will be too rainy so it will not be easy to go out to a public toilet. The private toilet will act as a boon in these situations.

Now you would be thinking that is it necessary to carry the private toilet or not? If you ask me then my answer is yes, because though it is a simple thing but very useful. It can be carried easily as portable and foldable as well as low weight. It is cleaner and hygienic, easy to use so if you want to Maintain Privacy at Kilimanjaro.

Purchasing a new Private Toilet Tent for a single time use is not a good idea. So you can rent it from us and the best thing is that it will give you the same quality as new.

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