K-Way Sleeping Bag

How K Way Sleeping Bags Are Worth For Hassle Free Kilimanjaro Trekking?

Exceptionally intended for harsh cold climate, the sleeping bag let you rest in warmth and harmony after a long, debilitating trek. The K-way Sleeping Bag gives Ultra Comfort by the Inner cushions for bedding level resting background. Produced using polyester, it is worked for extraordinary brutal cold weather, withstanding even in less 18 degree Celsius. It can be unzipped, wrapped, and used as a cover or pad. These highlights make it an ideal pack for your Kilimanjaro experience. This bag is an important part of your Kilimanjaro Gear which makes your journey a little bit easy and hassle-free.

Here are some of the important points which make the K-way Sleeping Bag a fundamental necessity for your trek.

  • Benefits During The Trekking
Benefits Of Sleeping Bag

The Kilimanjaro K-Way Sleeping Bag  is an endeavour class sleeping bag with variable down channels that permit the down to be moved evenly, successfully giving the client power over the protection circulation.

This very adaptable sleeping bag incorporates a full-length and foot zipper, cowel and neck neckline. Wonderful insulation, however with adequate ventilation when you need it.

The texture has a DWR covering, yet it’s not prescribed to be utilized in stormy conditions except if utilized inside a waterproof breathable bivy pack. The full dual micro polyester soft inner wicks all the moisture away from the body through the bag keeping the people inside dry.

  • Specification Of The K-Way Sleeping Bag

Inside side pockets -Yes

YKK zips -Yes

Dimensions -240 x 90 x 65

Gender -Unisex

Brands -K-Way

Best use -Kilimanjaro, Hiking

Inward fabrication -Full Dull Micro Poly Soft

Includes–Foot-friendly zip

Length (mm) -2250mm

Cowl -Yes

Insulation type -Down

Fill weight- 850 fill

Seasons -Winter, Autumn, Spring

Filling       -90/10 Goose Down

  • Features During Kilimanjaro Trekking

These are some of the features of using this bag in Kilimanjaro

Portable – This Sleeping Bag is intended to be conveyed wherever effortlessly.

Super Insulation – Micro Insulation innovation keeps the cold out, keeping within warm.

Water safe – Protects against water spillage and unplanned spillage

K-Way Quality – Strong and sturdy from the K-way brand

Furnished with Cowl – Cowl to keep your head and neck warm

  • Comfort
Sleeping Bag Comforts

This is a campaign sleeping bag from the brand of K-Way empowering you to encounter the comfort of home-like resting in the tough piles of Kilimanjaro. The super in texture keeps the internal temperature warm and is tested for the harsh freezing temperature of Kilimanjaro. This bag would be a friend in need for you amid your Trek to Kilimanjaro. The protection provided is warm and gives a comfortable vibe.

We here at AT Gears provide you the best K-way Sleeping Bag which is essential for any trek. This bag would be handy and comfortable to carry and use and also help you to get a good amount of rest at night to successfully summit the trail to Kilimanjaro. So if you want to rent or know more about the sleeping bag or any other type of Camping Gear then do visit our page at atgeartz.com

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