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Get Ready For The Iconic Adventure Tour With The Most Preferable Kilimanjaro Gears

Climbing the freestanding mountain of Africa & standing on the roof of Africa is not an easy or simple tax, if you are not properly prepared for it. It is every individual’s responsibility to be adequately equipped and self-sufficient while preparing for the climbing adventure tour. By doing so, you can prevent getting into trouble or getting trapped somewhere in the mountains. Hence you can avoid costly search and rescue efforts which needs more manpower & resources and minimize the number of times that responders need to place themselves at risk. Therefore, Kilimanjaro Gear can be your best bet during the entire gambit.  

Just go with the list of gears below that will make you prepare well for going up to the mountain without a fall, and are as follows:-   

1. Get The Proper Knowledge About Hiking Gears

First, you must understand that you require few essential items for the trail & sense of adventure after that you will be ready to head into the wilderness. Hence, you must carry some vital Kilimanjaro Climbing Gear list that will lead you to success, and are as follows:-

Get The Proper Knowledge About Hiking Gears
  1. Hiking Footwear   

It is one of the first & foremost important items that you need to choose and it is actually a very personal choice. Some individuals also prefer supportive over the ankle boots.  While numerous others enjoy wearing light-weight trail running shoes. 

  • Next To Skin Base Layers

It is mostly made up of wool or polyester & is one of the most critical gears to prevent the hiker from getting affected from cold temperatures.

  • Hiking Layers

These layers include nylon or polyester pants, t-shirts, sun shirt, sun hat.

  • Insulation Gears

It solely depends on the weather you encounter & thus may need a swollen vest or jacket, lightweight fleece pullover as well as warm hats & gloves.

  • Rainwear     

It will be a wise decision to carry a waterproof jacket all along to stay away from any type of bad or worse weather.

f) Backpack

Apart from all that, you can also carry a backpack to pack & store all the essentials including first-aid kids.   

2. In Which Season You Can Climb, Choose The Gears As Per The Seasons

  1. Mount Kilimanjaro is located at a close proximity to the equator & it simply means that this region doesn’t get any chance to experience any extreme winter or summer. But it might face dry or wet seasons at regular intervals. Hence it is open for climbing for all year around.  
Kilimanjaro Climbing Gear As Per The Seasons
  • Hence for an average climber, the dry season starts from the beginning of December until the start of March & the same routine gets repeated from Late June till the end of October.
  • Hence, these are some of the best reasons to climb, especially during June till October a climber can experience fewer crowds while climbing the mountain.
  • You will have to choose the same type of Kilimanjaro Gear that was mentioned above and if you like you can include some other things as well that will keep you comfortable during the climb.
  • Otherwise, please make a call to us to get a better knowledge about the gear required for a particular season that can keep you safe.                

3. Get The Proper Knowledge About The Kilimanjaro Routes, So You Can Choose Route Wise Hiking Gears

Kilimanjaro Routes

In order to get the idea about the type of gear that will be accurate for you, you will have to go through the proper knowledge of the route and that is as follows:-

a)    Marangu Route

It is one of the simplest paths up to the mountain peak. Hence it will be better to bring in makeshift tents.

b)    Machame Route 

Actually, the days on Machame are longer & the walks are steeper, hence bring in lots of snacks as well as hiking poles to make the difficult climb.

c)    Lemosho Route

It is a favourite route because it provides a great balance of low traffic, scenic views as well as high summit success rates. But the weather is a bit colder here hence put on your anti-winter clothes to beat the cold.  

d)    Shira Route

It is very much similar to the Lemosho trail but is a bit longer & higher and that means if you are forced to spend an additional night here then please bring your oxygen cylinder to avoid acute altitude sickness.   

e)    Rongai Route

Trekkers who are going for this route must have gear like a headlamp, camera, insulated water and warm weather clothes in order to stay safe because it is mostly dry, barren & completely inhospitable in nature.     

f)    Umbwe Route  

It is the shortest but the steepest route but most direct one to Uhuru peak, hence it will be better to carry insulated water bottles, camera, and additional batteries for headlamps. 

4. Point Out Your Essential Hiking Gears

Now there are other essential hiking gears to protect different parts of your body that safeguard you from the harsh winter at night at the mountain and are as follows:-

Essential Kilimanjaro Hiking Gears

For The Head

  1. It is Knit hat for warmth
  2. Buff for face coverage
  3. Head lamp for providing light

On The Hands

  1. Gloves or mittens for warming up hands

On The Top

  1. Long Sleeve Shirts, Light-weight, Moisture-wicking Fabric
  2. Soft Jacket, fleece or soft shell
  3. Waterproof jacket which is breathable with wood
  4. Synthetic insulated jacket

5. Let’s Get Enjoy Your Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing With Essential Hiking Gears

Now enjoying your climbing the mountain with the help of Kilimanjaro Gear will be just awesome. With our gear in your fingertips, you will be able to climb up to the summit effortlessly without any hassles. Please visit us @ to know more about renting the climbing gears with affordable rates.

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