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Find The Best Hiking Boots To Avoid Blisters And Enjoy The Adventure

Climbing mountains are one of the coolest adventures that any man or woman can take to show off their bravery, guts and sense of some real adrenaline-fuelled adventure to the world. Hence while hiking, every climber needs the best gear to successfully climb the mountain top. Hence during such a hike, the first line of defense is always wearing good quality Hiking Boots. Hence the footwear for Kilimanjaro hiking is very important to go for fit & quality oriented boots that can save your foot as well as toes from getting any kind of injury such as sore feet, losing toenails as well as enduring painful blisters.        

Now, below is a list of Kilimanjaro Hiking Boots that you can go for, and are as follows:-   

Types Of Hiking Boot

1.Day Hiking Boots:

  • This type of hiking boots is built exclusively for extreme outdoor activities such as hiking & trekking mountains like Kilimanjaro. All such boots ensure the safety & cleanliness of your feet.
Kilimanjaro Hiking Boots
  • Furthermore, the hiking boots on the rent are both comfortable & stylish at the same time. Apart from that, all such Kilimanjaro Boots have a superior grip that means lug pattern on the outsole improves grip while climbing.
  • Wearing such specialized boots also provide breathability feature to avoid sweaty feet. Not only that, it might look bulky, but it is quite lightweight in nature. Additionally, it also has the strongest quality of withstanding even the harsh treatment in the mountain.               

2. Mid Distance Hiking and Backpacking Boots

  • These types of Hiking Boots or the backpacking ones are designed for providing cushioning, moreover, the buffers feet from shock & largely determines the boot rigidity.
Kilimanjaro Hiking Boots
  • Any such stiff boots are good for long hikes on rocky & uneven terrain that also mean greater comfort & stability.     
  • They are also very tough, durable & supportive with stiffer midsoles than the lightweight footwear.      

3. Long Distance Backpacking Boots

  • Long distance hikers often choose Hiking Boots that features the same sole characteristics of a boot without the weight of an ankle that supports an upper section.  
Kilimanjaro Hiking Boots
  • All shoes are durable and are specially built for extremely long miles but also weigh far less than the traditional ones.
  • These shoes have the support for longer treks which are made with a high cut for outstanding ankle support & stiffer midsoles & lighter footwear options, these are created for on & off trail travel.         

4. Trail Runners

  • Anyway, day hikers are enjoying these shoes for easier trails & several ultra-light backpackers are turning to lightweight trail runners to cover long distances with only the essential items to carry. 
Kilimanjaro Hiking Boots
  • Hence, including & wearing such foot wear of Kilimanjaro Gear will make you move faster & they will also dry very quickly than other shoes when wet.
  • Thus, it helps climbers a lot to scale the mountain without worrying any further regarding soreness in the feet or blisters. 

Kilimanjaro Hiking Boots


1.Test Your Boots On An Incline

  • Yes, testing the Kilimanjaro Hiking Boots on an incline is the best way to check the durability of these shoes. 
  • Apart from that, you will be able to know, if these boots are reliable in the long run or not.
  • While testing the boots, you can also be able to acknowledge that if they are light or extremely heavy.

2. Fit Your Foot, Not Your Size

  • Trekkers have to purchase or rent boots that can fit correctly. In case, they are not fitting well, you must not rent them at all.
  • Likewise, the period or lose boots will give you blisters. Besides that, tighter boots will be uncomfortable from the get-go during the descent.
  • Also, make sure that your toes have a little excess space in the front as well as your heel doesn’t come up when you lift your foot off the ground.   

3. Socks Are Important

  • Apart from just shoes, the socks are also very important because thick & warmer socks can protect your feet from getting wet when you walk on the show.
  • A good pair of socks also protects the individual from getting blisters in the long run.
  • It helps a lot in keeping the feet from getting sore while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.   

Ultimately, it can be said that choosing right & precise Hiking Boots for the climb can defend you from numerous problems. During a long and lengthy climb, every climber must have to invent various ways to provide comfort to his or her feet as well as other parts of the body at all times. Please visit us @ to know more about the hiking shoes and boots as well as other types of gear that is capable enough to protect you from the harsh climate of the mountain region. Anyway, if you are really planning to rent your set of hiking gear, then sign up with us now.    

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