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Essential Kilimanjaro Clothes To Defend Your Lower Body Part While Hiking

Welcome back, hikers. I hope you all are well and good now.

In our last blog, we discussed some of the clothes to defend the upper body part while hiking. Possibly that would have helped you a lot.

But Upper clothes aren’t fulfilled without lower clothes. So, here we will discuss some of the essential lower clothes for Kilimanjaro Climbing.

Kilimanjaro lower body part clothes can be used to defend the most essential parts of your body like legs, and hips. If legs will not be warm then you will face difficulty while hiking.

So you need to wear 3 to 4 layers of trousers and hiking boots to defend the whole lower body part.

Kilimanjaro Clothes that are mentioned below are useful for the different situations during, while hiking.

So, let’s know about them in brief:

  • Ski Trousers

Ski Trousers

You are thinking that why to use ski trouser while hiking.

 It is so because ski trousers are waterproof and highly durable. So, it will keep you dry and warm every moment of hiking. Kilimanjaro Ski Trousers are made up of better quality fabric for insulation as well as waterproof and breathable.

Moreover, these pants are highly durable and stretchable, for comfortable trekking.

  • Rain Trousers

Rain Trousers

Mount Kilimanjaro supports 5 diverse ecosystems in it; among them, one of the layers is having rain forests.

So it’s very necessary to wear Kilimanjaro Rain Trousers while hiking. This can be also used in the replacement of ski trouser as both have the same task.

These trousers are made of high-quality polyester, to remain moist free while hiking. They are breathable, flexible, and durable to keep you dry from the inner part.

Also, it is lightweight and foldable so can be easily carried out while hiking.

  • Fleece Trousers

Fleece Trousers

Kilimanjaro Fleece Trousers can be said as the middle layer of Hiking Clothes. Fleece Trousers are so because this will be worn over the down pant and below the rain or ski trousers.

One of the best things about this pant is, you can wear it while going for safari or outing.

These are made up of good quality material that is breathable and flexible to offer you better comfort.

  • Thermal Bottoms

Thermal Bottoms

You can also call Thermal Bottoms as the second layer of skin. These trousers are worn as inner garments to keep you warm at every stage of Kilimanjaro Hiking.

These Kilimanjaro Clothes can be compared with the half inners; just the difference is these are having long legs.

Some benefits of these pants are, these are lightweight, super-insulated, and sweat-wicking, so they will give you comfort while wearing and carrying.

Moreover, these Mount Kilimanjaro Clothing is soft and flexible for better durability.

  • Walking Trousers

Walking Trousers

Your daily usage pants can be said as Walking Trousers. These can be worn inside the home or move outside for safari.

As per its name, these trousers can be worn during your Tanzania Safari Tours, to protect your legs from harmful sun rays and insects.

The best fact about these pants is they can dry quickly, so if it gets wet then not to worry much while Climbing Kilimanjaro.

Walking Trousers are highly flexible, more durable, and protects you from UV rays.

  • Walking Shorts

Walking Shorts

Kilimanjaro Walking Shorts are highly used by people around the globe for a long walk and better comfortability. Generally, these pants are made of cotton fabric, so it can dry faster.

Not only hiking Kilimanjaro, but these pants can be worn for various other purposes like safari and roaming over a beach.

These all features signify that Walking Shorts are flexible and durable.

  • Socks


Shocks are the prime layer of your feet, these protect the fingers of the leg to get chilled or dry while walking or hiking for long-distance.

Mount Kilimanjaro Clothing is made with a mixture of cotton and silk. So, that it can give comfort to your foot and remains dry.

The advantages of these Shocks are, breathable, and can be washed and dried easily.

  • Gaiters


Hiking boots are best to climb the mountain, but they are a bit expensive. So, it’s very necessary to save its internal part from rain.

Gaiters will help you with this, as these to be worn at the upper part of trousers and shoes. These Kilimanjaro Clothes also save your shoes and pant from getting mud and dirt and can be worn by everyone.

You can use it for long and short path trekking and is made of polyester so it also protects from rain.

  • Kilimanjaro Hiking Boots

Kilimanjaro Hiking Boots

Mount Kilimanjaro is having a different surface, so your simple shoes will not work on it.

Better to use Kilimanjaro Hiking Boots while hiking. These are made of leather and synthetic material so that can be used comfortably.

These shoes are having superior grip, breathable, lightweight, strong and durable. So can be used during the walking safari.

So, here we can say that these are essential Kilimanjaro Clothes for better hiking. Moreover, some of these clothes like socks, walking trousers, and rain trousers are used by you in daily life.

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On our next blog, we will be discussing Kilimanjaro Clothes to defend your head while hiking.

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