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Effective Method To Use Hiking Poles To Increase Speed And Decrease Fatigue

Are you also having pain and fatigue while hiking?

If yes, then use the Hiking Poles and get relief from various hiking problems. These Kilimanjaro Gears can work as a boon for you because it can be used as a chair with the help of a sleeping bag or can be made into a tent using a cloth.

Kilimanjaro is a 19,000 feet mountain so if you want to hike on it then taking Hiking Poles with you will make your journey easier. Choose any route to its summit, it will surely put some challenges before you, so it’s better to carry it with your Kilimanjaro Gears. You would be thinking that these poles can be used only for a single purpose but if you take it some other processes will make you glad.

Here we discuss 10 points about the hiking poles which will be very helpful for your next hiking adventure.

1.       Why, Where & How To Use Hiking poles

Hiking Poles are used to hike over the mountains so that it can give some extra support to the legs. With hiking the poles can be also used for some other purposes like setting the tent, clearing the small plants out of your way as well as you can use it to cross the rivers.

Hiking Poles

Trekking poles can be used in different places like making the chairs while living inside the jungle, as well as can be set as a selfie stick. These poles can also be used as probes on the snow areas as they have the sharply pointed bottom.

Kilimanjaro Hiking Poles should be used properly to get its 100% benefit. First, adjust the height of the poles then tie the wrist strap properly with the thumb on it. Place the poles on the accurate place as you are walking daily in a to and fro motion.

2.      Choice for Hiking Poles

Hiking Poles

To choose the best Hiking Poles you have to keep in mind some of the following things:

  • Check the weight of the poles, it should be lightweight.
  • Try to adjust the poles so that you can know about its flexibility.
  • Check the grips is it soft as well as the wrist straps are fitting to your hand.
  • Always try to walk some path using the poles.
  • Buy a premium quality for longevity.

3.       Bring Two, Carry One

Hiking Poles

While packing your Kilimanjaro Hiking Gears you should always carry two Hiking Poles so but use one. It is done so that others can be safely used if in case the first one meets some damaged, then another one can be used at a time. The poles can be used for some other purposes like clearing the path, checking the land before stepping.

4.      Adjusting The Wrist Strap

Hiking Poles

Adjusting the wrist strap is one of the important things that you should do before hiking with poles so that you will not lose it while hiking. These straps should be tightly tied on the wrist then put your thumb over the strap. Hold the Hiking Poles lightly so that it can be adjusted while walking.

5.       How to Use Your Wrist Strap

Hiking Poles

The process to use the wrist straps are:

  • First, put your hand inside the straps.
  • Hold the grip of the Hiking Poles.
  • Then tighten the wrist strap of the pole so that it will set to your wrist.
  • Put your hand over the strap of holding the pole. This process helps you to move it freely in your hand.

6.      Tightening Your Trekking Poles

Hiking Poles

Process of tightening the trekking poles is an easy process following these steps:

  • First, fix the size of the pole and fix according to the scale.
  • Set the levers properly at the accurate place.
  • Then tighten the adjusting knob.
  • Check all the locks properly and try to walk using it.

7.       Not Just For Thru-Hikers Anymore

Hiking Poles are now a friend to every hiker as nowadays the hiking is becoming challenging. These poles can be used for multipurpose work so it can help you in many other ways like

  • Fixing and Clearing, the path while hiking
  • Checking the soil in front of you before stepping
  • Crossing the river body without slipping
  • Making the tents inside the jungle
  • Setting a chair for taking rest inside the jungle

8.      Adjust The Pole Length

Hiking Poles

Poles are a part of Hiking Gears and adjusting them is a quite technical task:

  • At first step, you should open up all the knots.
  • Then adjust the size according to your need, there is a scale given on it so check it.
  • Fit the liver tightly according to the size.
  • Lastly, adjust the knob and tighten the screw.
  • Finally, check the pole properly while walking.

9.      Walking Uphill

Hiking Poles

While walking uphill these are few things that you have to follow:

  • Adjust the length of the pole according to your height.
  • Keep your elbow in a 90-degree angle to the pole.
  • Walk with ease by putting both the poles together at your front.
  • Walk some distance and continue the process.

10.     Increase Speed, Especially Going Downhill

Hiking Poles

While moving to downhill you will feel a rapid force, in case you can fall. So using poles which are the best part of Kilimanjaro Gears can help you with it:

  • Walk as if you are walking normally.
  • Hold the grips comfortable so that you can walk freely.
  • Check the ground before stepping.
  • When you get down then your speed increases

So by this 10 process of using hiking poles can help you reduce the pain and fatigue. Using the hiking poles can make your hiking as easy as eating a bar of chocolate. Now you can make a 100% summit rate with the help of Kilimanjaro Hiking Poles.

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