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Shielding your head and face from the harsh weather of Kilimanjaro as you summit is imperative. You could confront cold, wind, rain and perhaps snow – also the sun rays and high UV radiation during the days. Therefore it becomes utmost necessary to shield your face from these elements. Below we have listed about the different headgear which you include in your Kilimanjaro Gear.

Mount Kilimanjaro & Its Weathers

Mount Kilimanjaro & Its Weathers

During your climb to the peak of Kilimanjaro, you will come across five different climatic zones. The temperatures on Mount Kilimanjaro range from hot to bitter cold. Climbing Kilimanjaro is interesting for some reasons, and one of these is that from inception to the summit, climbers end up weaving through a few particular climate zones. It is said that the adventure from the gate to the peak resembles making a trip from the equator to Antarctica in only days! Each zone is liable to a comparing decline in rainfall, temperature and flora/fauna as the altitude increases.

1. Headwear For Cold Weather Protection

•    Warm Hats

Warm Hats

Choose a Warm Hat that perfectly fits around your head and covers your forehead and ears from the cold winds as you trek toward the peak of Kilimanjaro. It is perfect for providing the warmth you need during your trial.

•    Scarf


Use a Scarf to shield your neck and face from high Sun UV during the mid-afternoons at altitude, or the bitter cold temperatures if the wind picks up, or to cover your mouth and nose from dust during your trek.

•    Warm Balaclava

Warm Balaclava

This ninja-like mountaineering gear is an important part of Kilimanjaro Gear, especially at the summit night. Warm Balaclava helps to protect your head, face and neck from the freezing cold temperature which is accompanied by harsh snow winds and storms.

2. Sun-Protection Hats (Sun Hat)

Sun Hat

Despite the fact that Kilimanjaro is commonly cold more often than not, at a certain elevation, the sun can be scorching and intense. Sun Hat gives the needed shade to your head and eyes so that you can encounter Kilimanjaro without letting the sunbeams meddle in your mountain climbing trip.

3. Headwear For Rain Protection

During your Kilimanjaro Trek, you might also across some rainfall without prior notice, therefore, if you should be prepared for it.

Rain Jacket

•    Rain Jacket

Choose a Rain Jacket that has a hoodie or cap attached to it so that you can fully protect yourself from the rainfall if it occurs during your Kilimanjaro trek.

Hope that this information on headwear is useful to in your Kilimanjaro preparation. If you want to know more about these Kilimanjaro Gears or rent it then you can contact us @ and our AT Gear guides would be more than happy to help you.

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