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Kilimanjaro Adventure Guide – Add 11 Top Rated Gears In Your Backpack

Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest free-standing mountain of the world. It is also considered as the roof of Africa, with a height of 19,300 feet. You can find 7 different routes to the peak of Kilimanjaro. The routes to climb Kilimanjaro vary considerably in length, difficulty, traffic levels, and other aspects. So for getting better access to these routes, you can use these 11 essential Kilimanjaro Gears.

Mount Kilimanjaro is a test of endurance, with unpredictable weather conditions.  You need to be prepared, and this means you need to have functional gear with you on the mountain.

Now there would be many questions popping inside your mind. Like what can I do, what should I take, how to tackle the situation, isn’t it?

Yes, but don’t worry about the challenges. There is one solution to all your problems, the backpacking. But that should be done with proper planning to overcome the situations.

A large list of gears is there to be packed. But here we will discuss the 11 important Kilimanjaro Gears. These are important because without it you cannot survive during day climbing. 

These are the list of the 11 important items for Kilimanjaro Day Backpacking:

  1. Walking Clothes
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Waterproof Jacket
  4. Sleeping Bag
  5. Water Bottle
  6. Hiking Poles
  7. Hand Warmer
  8. Socks
  9. Camera
  10. Plastic Bin Liner
  11.  First Aid Kit

Let’s discuss in detailed:

1. Walking Clothes

Walking Clothes are similar to your daily clothes. For a better and comfortable climbing, you should wear loose cotton clothes. The cotton clothes are soft and made of better fabric.

Kilimanjaro Clothes

Some of the necessary Kilimanjaro Climbing Clothes are walking shirts, walking shorts and walking trousers. Walking shirt is commonly used and according to your comfort, use pants and trousers. Fold properly and pack the clothes in pairs, so that can be changed further.

2. Sunglasses

Climbing up on a mountain means always focusing at the summit. Therefore sunrays will always block your point of vision. So it will be better wearing sunglass while climbing Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro Sun Glasses

Kilimanjaro Sunglasses are lightweight, as well as give you a cool look and view. These are stylish and can be easily used by everyone. The glasses have features like UV protection and durable. Also because of their smaller size they can be packed anywhere.

3. Waterproof Jacket

You would be thinking that why to carry a waterproof jacket?

Though it is sunny during the day there are 7 ecosystems at Kilimanjaro. Also, the climate is unpredictable so it can rain anytime.

Kilimanjaro Ski Jacket

Reasonably you should carry a waterproof jacket with you for remaining dry.

The best waterproof jackets are Rain Jackets and a Ski Jacket. They are lightweight and easily foldable. Also, they are made up of better fabric to keep you warm and dry.

4. Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bags are one of the common items of Kilimanjaro Camping Gears.

Never compromise with the quality of the Kilimanjaro Sleeping Bag. Because they are the ones that will keep you warm during chilling nights of Kilimanjaro.

There are various usages of sleeping bags so it is advisable to carry them in day backpack. You can use them to take rest after walking some time by making it a chair.

K-way Sleeping Bags are made with high-quality insulating material. Several layers of it will not allow the internal heat to go out.

5. Water Bottle

Don’t think that, there will be any confusion about Water Bottles. Not only Kilimanjaro but you use to carry them everywhere you go. They are the best item of Kilimanjaro Gears to keep you hydrated,

Here are some tips to carry water bottle:

  1. Carry a minimum of 2 water bottles in your bag.
    2.Though you will feel tired after walking some feet but drink water in sip
    3. Never drink the water from any outsources.

6. Hiking Poles

Hiking Poles!!! Everyone carries it in the bag but feel sigh to use them.

Some of you use only one of them but it will best for you to use both of them. Using two of the hiking poles together will work as four legs. As a result, it will be easy for you to climb matching with the speed of others.

The Kilimanjaro Hiking Poles play an important role in Kilimanjaro Hiking as they are used for multipurpose. Different usage of hiking poles is trekking, making the tent, clearing path and crossing river.

Tips to maintain balance:

  • Adjust the poles before using them.
  • Tie the wrist band tightly keeping the thumb over it.
  • Hold the grip with ease

7. Hand Warmer

Imagine that you are at 13,000 feet of Kilimanjaro, wearing a rain jacket, gloves, and boots.

Isn’t it too chilling? Yes!!!

At 13,000 feet the temperature goes below 5 degrees Celsius, resulting in freezing your hand. Here you cannot open the gloves and rub your hands. But the one thing that will keep your hands warm is Hand warmers.

Kilimanjaro Hand Warmers are having air activation system to warm your hands in seconds. The best thing is it lasts for several hours and easy to use. Just put it in your gloves or pocket they will do their work.

8. Socks

You will surely wear a pair of socks with your shoes. So why to take extra Kilimanjaro Socks, isn’t it?

At the time of climbing Kilimanjaro, your whole body will start sweating. Similarly, your feet will sweat and produce odor smell after some time. Also, there are chances of getting fungal infections.

Carry two pairs of cotton socks in your backpack. Cotton is soft as well as breathable. Therefore they can be used for a long time and changed with time to get dry.

9. Camera

You know the use of the camera.

It is used to capture the images of every precious moment of your life. There will be too many moments while climbing that you want to store in your memory. So click and capture them forever.

The best preferable camera is the smaller digital camera like “Go Pro”. They can be packed easily as well as don’t need many lenses.

Tip: Carry extra memory cards and chargeable cells.

10. Plastic Bin Liner

Plastic Bin Liner, why to use them?

At the top, you will not find much water to clean the dustbins. Also throwing waste directly will make the environment of Kilimanjaro clean.

Here the Plastic Bin Liner will help you to collect the waste at a single place and dispose of them easily. This is the reason to use them as Kilimanjaro Gears.


  • Can easily fit over any can
  • Easy to maintain cleanliness and recyclable

11. First Aid Kit

Kilimanjaro Adventure Guide

First Aid Kit is the most important Kilimanjaro Gears that should be packed in your bag. This will help you to fight every problem coming to your way.

The first aid kit will consist of bandages, Detol, ointment, painkiller, and Diamox. Diamox is a medicine that will help you to fight altitude sickness. Also, you can carry your routine medicines in it.

So, now you are thinking that is these 12 things are enough?

No, because there are many more things that are required for getting perfection in climbing. But these are the list of Kilimanjaro Climbing Gears that can be used for multipurpose. Also, they will help you to fight with every difficulty while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Just knowing about which Kilimanjaro Gears to be taken is not enough. You should also know how to use them. What are the skills that will help you to climb easily, which is the best route, and many more?

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