How It Started?

AT Gear was established in 2008 by Fred Namwandu in Moshi, Tanzania, a town at the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro.

As an experienced Mountain Guide, having an experience of more than 13 years, had witnessed many situations, where clients who had arrived in Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro or Mt. Meru failed to summit because of not having appropriate gear may be due to airline losing/delaying bags/forgetting to bring…etc. This caused undue stress to people and many of them could not afford to buy expensive gears which are barely available in Tanzania.

Hence, he came up with an idea of solving their challenges by starting a rental store at Moshi town.

This was at first started in his single bedroom house with co-operation from his wife Hafsa Manyaka (A teacher by profession) and eventually grew into a large rental store in Moshi and now a branch in Arusha city.

Our Mission At AT Gear

Our mission at At Gear is to get people on Kilimanjaro without going broke buying quality gear.

Why Rent With AT Gear?

  • To solve the challenge of the luggage delay by airlines
  • To make it easy for climbers to travel light on airlines
  • Providing gear to climbers who lost or forgot to pack necessary gear
  • Why buy everything while it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event
  • Renting gear means lesser things to pack from home, easier to plan a quick trip