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7 Essential Kilimanjaro Clothes To Defend Your Upper Body Part While Hiking

Trekking over the world’s number 1 free-standing mountain, “Kilimanjaro” is not that easy. It is so because you can experience several ecosystems at the different campsite of Mount Kilimanjaro. Some of the common climatic conditions are heavy rain, chilling cold, and drastic warmness. It will be quite tough to climb but not impossible. 

Though you can easily tackle these unpredictable climatic conditions with our Kilimanjaro Clothes. These clothes are made of high-quality polyester so that it can resist yours from rain, sweat, and outer chilling cold. These clothes are highly durable and lightweight so they can be easily carried out while Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro. Kilimanjaro Tee Shirts are one of the clothes that can be used for multipurpose like safari, tourism, and hiking. 

Here we will know about the 7 essential Kilimanjaro clothes that you will wear in the upper body part. This will defend your upper body from different climatic conditions. 

Know about them in brief from here: 

1. Ski Jacket 

Ski Jacket

Firstly the most important Kilimanjaro Clothes for hiking is Ski Jacket. It is so because it will keep you warm throughout the journey to the top. After climbing to a distance of 12,000 feet of Mount Kilimanjaro there will be chilling cold. So this will help you to withstand the situation, covering your body, head, and neck. 

The features of Ski Jacket are, they are waterproof, breathable, super insulation, highly durable and zip fastening system.

2. Rain Jacket 

Rain Jacket

Mount Kilimanjaro experiences several ecosystems throughout the year. It also experiences unexpected heavy rain and weather, so to defend this situation you should carry a Rain Jacket with you. This will also help you to remain warm and dry. It is made up of better quality polyester to resist water. These rain jackets are also breathable, flexible, durable, and easy to carry and wear. 

3. Down Jacket

Down Jacket

Down Jacket, the name itself describes that it will be worn inside your rain and ski jacket. It is specially designed to keep you warm as well as it provides resistance to compression. This jacket can be worn with sweat-shirt, Kilimanjaro Tee Shirts, and base layers. The down jackets are made up of super-insulated materials. These are lightweight, easy to use and highly durable so they can be carried out easily. 

4. Fleece Jacket 

Fleece Jacket

Kilimanjaro Mountain Climbing is not possible without a Fleece Jacket. These jackets are made up of synthetic polyester wool, to provide better lining. It also assures that you will not get any stain or blemish. Some of the common features of fleece jacket are these provide warmness while climbing, have better breathability, water resistance, lightweight and durable. 

5. Thermal Top 

Thermal Top

If you want to have a second skin layer while Kilimanjaro Climbing then the best option is Thermal Top. They will defend you from the rough and tough weather. These tops are made of cotton polyester, which can regulate the sweat flow. They are worn with the thermal bottom. The best thing about these top is they are lightweight, soft, and you can have free movement while hiking. 

6. Hiking Shirt

Hiking Shirt

Generally, the Hiking Shirts are made up of better quality cotton material to protect your body from warm and chilling weather. This can be worn with a common inner and for better insulation. Also if these jackets can be worn with a fleece jacket then it will give more warmness. The hiking shirts can be worn even if during the safari tours. The best thing about these shirts is they provide flexibility, durability, and UV protection. 

7. Walking Shirt

Walking Top

Walking Shirts or Kilimanjaro Tee Shirts are one of the most comfortable Kilimanjaro Clothes. These walking shirts can be worn for multiple purposes like safari, tours, hiking and even for daily use. They can dry quickly as made up of high-quality cotton polyester. Walking shirts are flexible and durable as well as protect you from the harmful UV rays and mosquito bites. 

We hope that you can understand the usage of these 7 Kilimanjaro Clothes that to be worn at the upper part of the body. These clothes are specially designed to make you feel comfortable at every stop of trekking. The best thing is that these Kilimanjaro Climbing clothes are available for rent so you don’t have to invest much money on it.

On our next blog, we will explain to you the different Kilimanjaro Clothes to defend your lower Body Parts. AT Gear is one of the best brands to provide rental gears for Kilimanjaro Climbing. We are working in this field for more than 10 years so our team members always choose the best gears for you.

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