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7 Best Gear Pieces That You Must Carry Out To Have Better Camping And Backpacking

“Words of comfort, skillfully administered, are the oldest therapy known to man.”-Louis Nizer.

As per the thoughts of Louis Nizer, humans are addicted to comfort and they only know the best thing which can avail them more comfort. So, will you leave your comfort while climbing some mountains like Kilimanjaro? If no, then there are some things that you should carry out to have a better life even at the time of hiking.

We are here discussing Mount Kilimanjaro trekking which usually is a 7 days journey to reach its summit. During this several das journey, you will be facing lots of things like chilling weather, frosting environment, warm surrounding, and many more. But then also the best Kilimanjaro Gear which can give us better comfort will be given the first propriety.

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest peak of Africa with an approx height of 19,000 feet from the sea level. While hiking over its peak you will be facing different temperature and climates so you if you hike slowly with some intervals then your body will get proper time to get acquainted with it. Every year 1000’s of people reach successfully to its summit with essential Kilimanjaro Gears.

These are 7 Kilimanjaro Gear to comfort you at the top:

1. Kilimanjaro Pillow

Kilimanjaro Pillow

A pillow has always become the best friend of every sleep lover. Softy, cozy and spongy pillows take us to the world of sweet dreams. So after doing several hours of hiking you will feel tired and stressed at that moment if you sleep anywhere you will feel better but the best place is hidden inside the comfortable things. When you sleep on the Kilimanjaro Pillow then you will be feeling like keeping your head on mother’s lap and will fall asleep in seconds. These pillows are made up of soft fabric as well as long-lasting so they can be carried out anywhere and are hygienic to use it several times.

2. Toe Warmers

Toe Warmers

While climbing Mount Kilimanjaro you will start facing extreme cold after reaching at a height of 12,000 feet. The toe warmers are the type of shocks specially built to warm your toe. These are safe and long-lasting as well as don’t produce any odorless smell, and can be used for a single time. It uses to heat up in 15 to 30 minutes and if you feel that heat is consecutively decreasing then you can take it out and shake it. Its unique nature makes it one of the best Kilimanjaro Gears.

3. Down Jacket

Down Jacket

Down Jackets or Warm Jackets are one of the best insulators to keep you warm at a great height of Mount Kilimanjaro. The best feature that makes this jacket best Kilimanjaro Clothes is it covers your neck, hands, and body so wearing a T-shirt and inner can save you from high temperatures. These jackets are made of super-insulated material as well as are water resistance and lightweight. Down jackets are having a single zip and comfortable to use as well as highly durable.

4. Foam Mattress

Foam Mattress

Feel like home even if at the rough and tough areas of Kilimanjaro with the foam mattress. These are softy and lightweight as well as the best replacement for sleeping bags to be carried out. It is thicker and soft enough to act like the mattress of your bed. The upper cover is made of best quality polyester which gives it a plane and smothers surface. Facts that make foam mattresses among the best Kilimanjaro Camping Gears are high durability, easily foldable, and cheaper.

5. Gaiters


Probably maximum of you have used the common shoes or a boot while summiting Kilimanjaro but Gaiters are the perfect things to protect your shoes. So the best features of it are:

  • Always keeps your shoes/boots throughout the journey.
  • Protect feet from water and cold exterior temperature as it closely fit around the ankle.
  • The best thing about these shoes is it can be used by everyone as it is unisex.
  • Smooth and water resistance to keep your feet warm.
  • Higher durability in so can face any situation.

6. Neck Warmer

Neck Warmer

The neck is one of the most sensitive parts of the body which can easily get affected if it faces cold. So what Kilimanjaro Gears can be done to bring comfort to the neck? Neck Warmers are made of insulated woolen clothes so that it can protect your neck at 0 degrees or below that. These are fine and soft and can be used for various purposes like skiing and trekking. Neck Warmers are easily adjustable as well as dry quickly so you don’t have to concern about drying.

7. Gas Cylinder

Gas Cylinder

Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing doesn’t mean that only climbing and resting whereas it involves consuming food. In the extreme chilling temperature of Uhuru if you get some hot soups then you will be feeling like heaven. But how this comfort can be achieved without any food stalls at the top?  To solve your problems use small gas cylinders which are one of the best portable Kilimanjaro Gears. Cook will take care of your food and cooking items.

Are you feeling comfort now after knowing about these comfortable Kilimanjaro Gears? But now you would be thinking that what could be the cost of these, should you buy it for one time use, what can be the use of these gears after trekking? If yes, then ATGear is your answer.

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