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2019’s Best Mountain Gaiters For Hiking, & Mountaineering

Do you want to tick off Summiting Mount Kilimanjaro from your bucket list? Worried about your hiking skills? So take a breath and forget your worries. Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the tallest freestanding Mountain on earth. However, for a successful summit, your Climbing Kilimanjaro Gear List plays an important role. Therefore it is recommended to have the best climbing gear for your trek.

We at AT Gears offer the Best Gaiters For Hiking in 2019 for your Kili trail which you can easily rent from us. Gaiters which cover the tops of your boots to keep snow, water, dirt, sand and other debris away from your feet. You should look for Mountain Gaiters if planning a summit, these gaiters provide you protection against the rock, grit, and they also provide insulation against extended trips in harsh conditions. Gaiters are a must for you if you are planning a trail to Kilimanjaro.

Gaiters Buying Advice

You should check out these advices before your summit to Kilimanjaro so that you reach your summit without any hurdle.

1.Why Do You Need Gaiters?

  • The main objective of Gaiters is to keep the gunk away from your shoes.
  • This gunk includes dirt, sand, grit, pebbles. Gaiters cover the vulnerable top of your footwear to protect your feet from the elements.
  • Gaiters are immensely important for climbing summit as it protects you from getting injured.
  • When it rains, gaiters provide you support. There are various types of Gaiters according to your requirement of what purpose do you want to use them.

2. How Should Your Gaiters Fit?

  • Mostly Mountain Gaiters do come in various sizes which are aligned with a range of boot sizes.
  • You can also use a hoop and look entry system to adjust the fit of Gaiters. You can also use hooks as most gaiters have hooks, these hooks can be strive own to the boots as down as possible so it fits you the best.

3. How Do You Put On A Pair Of Gaiters?

  • First of all, gaiters go over your hiking pants and hiking boots then you have to open the gaiter and take it behind your lower leg.
  • Adjust the inset strap to fit your foot bring the gaiter snug against the back of your leg and start to wrap it round to the front. Then you should secure the strap.
  •  You will have a little hook on the front side of your gaiter which is used to attach to the tied laces of your boots. Once you have the gaiter on, adjust and tighten the gaiter at the top till comfortable.
  • Finally, make adjustments as required and now you would have the gaiter tightly secured but comfortable around the bottom of your leg.

4. How To Wear Gaiters With Shorts Or Hiking Pant?

  • There is no problem in wearing shorts or hiking pants but if it rains water will flow down your leg to your feet and wet your shoes which you don’t want to happen so you should wear waterproof pants. But if the weather is warm, you can opt for hiking pants or shorts.

5. How To Care For Your Gaiters?

  • Like all-natural products that need cleaning, gaiters to need care.
  • For that, you could just brush them with a soft dry brush. Very dirty gaiters can be given a thorough wash to remove the mud and sand and all impurities from it. You definitely want to start your trial with clean gaiters.

We here at AT Gears a branch of Award-winning tour company Ascend Tanzania to provide you the best Mountain Gaiters which are essential for any climbing trek. These gaiters would be really helpful to you to achieve your summit trail to Kilimanjaro. So if you want to rent or know more about the Walking Gaiters or any other climbing gears then do visit our page at

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