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10 Best Ultra-Light Backpacking List For Women Travelers

Don’t you think that hiking with a lightweight backpack can bring you more success than carrying heavyweight material to the top? If yes, then you are correct because it will help you save energy as well as you can get comfortable climbing. It is always beneficial to use a single gear for multipurpose which can also manage space. Climbing Kilimanjaro is possible by every gender and every age people so being women nothing is impossible for you.

Women are considered to be much mature thinker and brave-hearted beings on earth that plays very difficult roles in a different part of life so it’s always necessary to be motivated as the supreme being of the world. Do you think that climbing the top of Uhuru can be difficult for you? If no, here is some information that can help you in a better manner. You can also use these details to get proper knowledge about the Kilimanjaro Gears so that you can be a successful climber.

These are 10 best ultra-light Kilimanjaro Gears backpacking for women traveller:

1.     Hiking Boots Or Trail Shoes

Hiking Boots

Are you confused about what type of hiking shoes will be best and lightweight for you? If yes, then here is some information that will help you to move out of confusion. Hiking boot an essential item of Kilimanjaro Gear so you should be careful before choosing it. These boots should be:

  • Waterproof material
  • Should fit properly nor too tight nor too loose
  • Soft soul to walk comfortably and
  • Boots should be made of good quality material.

Quality is mandatory because some shoes can create bumps on your skin after walking some distance which will result in problematic hiking.

2. Sleeping Tents

Sleeping Tent

Climbing to the top of Kilimanjaro is not a job of a single day for anyone so you need to do camping at the camping sites to take rest. Sleeping Tent is one of the essential materials you need to carry so that you can be safe and secure even in a rough climate. The hiking tent material should be lightweight, water-resistant, and portable and can be foldable so that it can be packed easily inside the backpack.

3. Hydration Pack or Water Bottles

Water Bottle

Water is the most essential element that is required by our body to sustain on this earth so hiking is a type of exercise. There are chances that you can faint if you don’t drink water while hiking so you need to carry water bottles as an essential Kilimanjaro Gears. But what type of water bottles should be carried so that your backpack can be light? You should carry common plastic water bottles because that is much lighter than premium water bottles. As well as these water bottles can be used for various purposes like a broom, water filter, etc.

4.     K-Way Sleeping Bags

K- Way Sleeping Bag

Do you need a comfortable sleep while hiking hard for several hours? If yes, then use K-Way Sleeping Bag which is one of the most lightweight and better brands of the sleeping bag. The sleeping bags are:

  • Sleeping bags are made of lighter weight material.
  • They are made of higher and improvised material.
  • Provide warmness during the night as it is of good insulating material.
  • Water-resistant so you are safe even in rain.
  • An Important part of Kilimanjaro Camping Gears.

5.     Rain Jackets

Rain Jacket

When you reach a height of 12,000 feet then the climatic condition starts changing every time so there are chances of heavy or moderate rain, snowfall or snow wind. The rain jacket is the best resisting Kilimanjaro Gears to sustain on this tough climate and keep on hiking. There are various types of rain jackets are their but using a branded material Rain Jacket will be super light and easy to carry and fold.

6.     Hiking Daypacks

Hiking Day Pack

The day pack is one of the most coolest Kilimanjaro Gears it s used to carry all your daily using kinds of stuff so that you don’t have to be fishy for a thing which is inside your hiking Duffle Bag. It is best to check the following features before you buy a day pack:

  • Check the durability of the material.
  • It should be made up of hydrated compatible so that it can breathable.
  • It should have multiple compartments to carry different things.
  • Should be waterproof
  • The most important thing is its weight should be lightweight and compactable.

7.     Hiking Shirt, Fleece Trousers & Other Essential Warm Clothes

Kilimanjaro Clothes

There are some important Kilimanjaro Clothes which you need during hiking over Mount Kilimanjaro so that you can climb easily. Some of the essential gears are hiking shirts, fleece trousers, and warm clothes. Also, there is some other stuff like some extra pair of inners and shocks. You should carry a maximum of 2 sets of every clothes so that space in a backpack can be managed and you will be able to climb easily.

8.     Hiking Poles

Hiking Poles

The hiking poles is one of the most usable parts of Kilimanjaro Hiking Gears that is used by lesser people but is a very important part of hiking so that you will feel less pressure while hiking. These poles can be used for trekking and other various usages like drying clothes, making a tent and clearing the jungle. These are made of low weight hollow cylindrical rod of aluminum.

9.     Warmest Gloves

Warmest Gloves

The better quality of insulating material should be used to make the Warmest Gloves for Kilimanjaro climbing. It will help you to keep your hands dry and warm at the coolest temperature of Kilimanjaro. These are very lightweight and are an essential Kilimanjaro Gears to be carried in your backpack.

10.   Warm Hat & Sun Hat

Warm Hat

Warm hat and sun hat both low weigh as well as necessary for climbing Kilimanjaro. These can be used to save your face from high temperatures and keeps your face out of sunburn. Use the best brands to get a better and proper quality material so that it will be of less weight.

In this above discussion, you would have got a clear cut idea about the Kilimanjaro Gears that to be carried out while climbing the topmost peak of Kilimanjaro. You can also use these materials for multipurpose and can save space for packing some extra material that you need. Kilimanjaro is one of the highest peaks so it’s quite challenging but not impossible for women.

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